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Since its meteoric rise, technology has made our daily lives considerably easier, and this is by means of absolutely prodigious devices. Have you ever heard of the solar water heater? It is a device that is very useful and designed to provide you with multiple benefits. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best reasons why you should buy a solar water heater. 1. An ecological heating method The solar water heater uses solar energy; it is an extremely ecological device that exploits a free and inexhaustible natural resource. It is a method of producing hot water. It uses little or no direct electricity and relies instead on solar radiation. Therefore, the photovoltaic via the solar panel installed above the roof generates energy according to the sunshine. The heat transfer fluid, which contracts heat under the effect of the sun’s rays, returns to the…

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Thermostatic Shower Mixer

How to Choose Your Thermostatic Shower Mixer Contents     – Advantages and disadvantages of the thermostatic shower mixer     – Choosing a thermostatic shower mixer     – Price of thermostatic shower mixers The thermostatic shower mixer allows you to adjust the water temperature to the nearest degree and maintain it throughout the shower. It remains to choose between the various models adorned with many materials, shapes, and additional equipment. Our zoom guides you through this world of thermostatic shower mixers.  Advantages and disadvantages of thermostatic shower mixers The thermostatic shower mixer is equipped with two levers; one is used to adjust the flow of water, the other to adjust the temperature, which is thus fixed at the desired degree. But this is not the only advantage. Here are the others:     – The water temperature remains constant, even when the pressure drops, for example, when someone uses another faucet in…

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