Top 5 Reasons To Get A Solar Water Heater

Since its meteoric rise, technology has made our daily lives considerably easier, and this is by means of absolutely prodigious devices. Have you ever heard of the solar water heater? It is a device that is very useful and designed to provide you with multiple benefits. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best reasons why you should buy a solar water heater.

1. An ecological heating method


The solar water heater uses solar energy; it is an extremely ecological device that exploits a free and inexhaustible natural resource. It is a method of producing hot water. It uses little or no direct electricity and relies instead on solar radiation. Therefore, the photovoltaic via the solar panel installed above the roof generates energy according to the sunshine.

The heat transfer fluid, which contracts heat under the effect of the sun’s rays, returns to the storage tank to heat the water in the tank. The solar water heater limits the emission of greenhouse gases and CO2 into the environment. If you allow yourself to find a thermal improvement expert, he will let you know that, unlike gas, pellets, or oil, no fuel is required for the use of solar energy. Thus, no harmful waste or polluting emissions are recorded for the environment.

2. A sought-after technology

It is associated with the device of solar panels helping to collect the energy of the sun in order to heat the water. The captured energy is first integrated before a heat transfer fluid absorbs it and releases it inside a hot water tank. Thanks to this solar thermal system, you benefit from a state-of-the-art technology that produces domestic hot water.

3. The solar water heater: an economical heating method


Solar heating is particularly economical. After the installation of the panels, the installer will come by to make the various connections, and as soon as the collectors are tilted, you will benefit from the solar energy for free. You have the opportunity to reduce your bill considerably.

4. Energy autonomy

The water heater of this type, being associated with solar collectors, is able to cover a portion of the heating needs of a household. Therefore, solar thermal panels are a technology that helps, by means of the solar system, to find a way to energy autonomy.

Depending on the size of the hot water tank and the surface area of the solar collectors, you can decide how much hot water will be produced by the solar water heater. A well-maintained solar installation has a longer life span than a conventional system and needs little maintenance.

5. Benefit from tax and financial aid


As back-up energy or not, the solar water heater is a device that offers several possibilities. It allows you to take advantage of financial aid, tax credit, or energy bonus. In its desire to promote renewable energies, the French government has established flat-rate premiums and tax credits that can benefit low-income households. Thus, it is now possible to access a system that combines conventional energy and renewable energy to cover all your needs and make savings.

Looking for help?

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While many factors contribute to a faulty water heater system, and you can fix some of these issues yourself, it is always better to call professional plumbers. They will make sure to handle repairs and provide personalized plumbing solutions to keep your hot water systems in good working conditions. 

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