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What’s worse than starting your day with a clod shower because your electric water heater is malfunctioning and gave up on you? This may be my 13th reason why on a day where my mood is already down. Fear not because we are here and we’ll guide you to locate the issue and even fix it yourself. Most people think the worst when their electric water heater stops working, but it is usually just a minor issue that can be easily resolved. Check your warranty Before doing anything, locate your warranty and check if your heater is still assured and the contract’s conditions. This tends to be limited for both residential and commercial electric water heaters. The warranty will give you details about the tank like its serial number, model, and what parts can be changed for free or that you might get a discount on. Write down the details…

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Cables & Wiring How to Use a Connecting Stripe

Cables & Wiring: How to Use a Connecting Stripe  Contents  – Step 1: Connect a classic connecting stripe  – Step 2: Connecting WAGO quick connectors  The connection of two or more electrical cables is often necessary for an installation. Two types of equipment exist today to make a connection: the classic connecting stripe equipped with screws that hold the wires in place and the WAGO or quick connector in which the cables are clipped.    A connecting stripe, whatever its type, is part of essential electrical work, within reach of any handyman, even a beginner.     Caution: make sure to turn off the circuit breaker before any work to avoid the risk of electrification. If in doubt, call a professional.     Reminder:  – The ground wire is usually in the middle of the outlet.  – The letter N indicates the neutral (blue wire).  – The letter L indicates the phase (red,…

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Whatever the type of industry you are in, an electrical system plays a huge role in your business and you depend on it. But, rather than taking it for granted, why don’t you hire some commercial electrical maintenance services to perform a proper inspection of your business’ power system? Reason 1: Reduced Energy Cost When an electrical appliance or equipment is functioning properly, it will use less energy and hence is cost-saving for you. However, sometimes, there might be some issues with your appliance that maybe you won’t notice, but which is taking up more energy than necessary to operate (and, of course, driving the cost up). But, rest assured as the skilled and experienced electricians at Lion electric will be able to find and eliminate these small and unnoticeable problems with your electrical equipment that may be costing you. And, they may also recommend different means to further save…

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