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Bathroom Accessories

Get These Bathroom Accessories Before Calling Your Plumber Contents – Bathroom accessories around the sinks and bathtub – Bathroom accessories around the shower – Bathroom accessories for storage – Bathroom accessories: dare to be original – Bathroom accessories prices and outlets There’s nothing like a few accessories in your bathroom to give it a facelift, all for less. All of them will constitute as many decorative accessories that will considerably influence the style of your bathroom. Towel racks and storage baskets, bath mats and towels, beauty accessories, or green plants, not to mention a few items taken from another universe… Bathroom accessories around the basins and the bathtub The toiletries Around the basins, all the small accessories necessary for the toilet and for brushing the teeth must be arranged: soap dish, cup, etc. You can fix them on the wall or the ceiling. They can either be fixed to the…

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As one of the most used spaces in your home, the bathroom is more prone to plumbing problems. Plumbing is a basic necessity that tends to be neglected until it starts to create serious concerns and messes for you. Whether your child decides to hide your keys in the sink, a pipe burst unexpectedly, your sink won’t stop running, or you are forced to brave the freezing water for your morning shower, there are many inconvenient situations that require a plumbing solution that needs to be applied in your bathroom. Unlike some home repairs, plumbing problems cannot be ignored or put on your to-do list for the road. If you don’t want to spend all your money, it’s best not to put off repairs. Here are some plumbing problems that need to be fixed now. 1. No hot water There’s nothing like a soothing, warm bubble bath to help you…

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Your Shower Mixer!

Read This Before Choosing Your Shower Mixer!  Contents  – Two types of shower mixers: classic or thermostatic  – Choosing the proper shower mixer   The shower mixer connects the hot water inlet to the cold water inlet to form a single water inlet that you can adjust. Classic or thermostatic, it is one of the main accessories of the faucets with the showerhead, the column, and the shower hose.     Two types of shower mixers: classic or thermostatic  The classic shower mixer  This is the only shower faucet where a single horizontally-activated lever allows you to adjust the flow rate and the temperature.  One hand is enough to use this ergonomic lever, which is also practical for children. However, the temperature setting is still imprecise.  Caution: there is a risk of burns if the shower mixer is left in the hot water position or a wrong movement changes the temperature.  The…

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With the rising of technology, toilet paper is starting to become a thing of the past. This is not only good for the environment, but it also means that we are using more ecological ways to wash our behind after talking a dump. Bidets are the washing system of the future, and at this point, we have already lost our battle against the machine gods, and we should just accept that and enjoy the use of technology as long as we can because the world where the terminator exist is not far. No, but jokes aside, bidets are a sign of progression and an excellent way to wash up after you’ve done your business. So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the waters of bidets. What is a bidet? It is a device that sprays water to clean yourself after you’ve used the restroom. Bidets are receptacles or bowls…

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It’s About to Go Down: Different Ways to Unclog a Toilet

It’s About to Go Down: Different Ways to Unclog a Toilet You’d agree with me that the toilet is the most under-appreciated part of a home. And, a clogged toilet (especially one with poop in it) is one of the worst nightmares of a homeowner – and for some weird reasons, it always seems to happen at the worst possible moments. However, blaming your child for flushing one of his socks or crossing your fingers and sending out silent prayers won’t be of much help. If you want to end this nightmare as soon as possible, try the following solutions. #1. The Plunging Technique If your toilet does not flush correctly on the first try, never try to flush it again. As a result, more water will be pushed into the toilet bowl. Instead of removing the toilet tank lid, close the toilet flapper. Closing the flapper (which looks like…

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Bathroom toilet

DIY Bathroom Installation Do you want to install a toilet? The installation of a bathroom implies having some knowledge about the connection and the evacuation. Be careful; the installation is different if it is a macerator toilet. Everything depends on the situation in which you find yourself installing a toilet. If you have a DIY project, this post has what you need to read before you get going. The installation of the toilet does not have to be redone. This is the case if the toilet is installed on a vertical evacuation in the floor (model with a hidden rear central CA outlet or S from underneath) or a horizontal evacuation in the wall (model with a rear H outlet) under your installation. You do not have to intervene at the water inlet: the installation is simple. The drainage system of the new toilet is different from the old one…

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