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Tips on Choosing Your Flush-Mounted Shower Tray Contents – Why choose an inset shower tray? – How to choose an inset shower tray? – Flush-mounted shower tray: prices and points of sale The flush-mounted shower tray allows access to the shower without climbing over a step. Positioned level with the floor, it is as stylish as practical, but it is more complex to install than a drop-in tray. Find out why and how to choose one. Why choose a flush-mounted shower tray? Features This type of shower tray is embedded in the floor or, more rarely, in a base made of polystyrene to be tiled, bricks, or cinder block. You can choose the recessed shower tray for its aesthetic appeal, the impression of space it gives to the shower, and ease of use. It is ideal for children and people with reduced mobility with no steps to climb. Note: the flush-mounted…

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4 Steps to Install a Shower Tray

4 Steps to Install a Shower Tray Summary     – Step 1: Prepare the base     – Step 2: Install the drain system     – Step 3: Form the base     – Step 4: Finalize the installation of the shower tray Showers are becoming more and more popular thanks to the wide variety of shower trays becoming more extensive and comfortable. Installing a shower tray requires following a few strict rules to ensure water tightness and proper drainage. 1. Prepare the base If you don’t have an existing drain on the floor, you’ll need to provide support for a side drain.     – Position the shower tray in its future location.     – Draw the contours of the shower tray with a pencil.     – To form the future base, ideally use pieces of aerated concrete (or waterproof plaster tiles) that you will place at the four corners of the…

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