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Most of us dream of living in a house with a pool and very few of us can live this dream. I live in a condo where my neighbors and I share our swimming pool, and whenever there is an issue, we just call maintenance. But if you are one of the lucky ones out there and own a house with a pool, you need to know how to change a pool light because it is an issue that we tend to leave untouched longer than you need to. It is an easy fix that most of us can do in the span of an hour and even less if you are a bit plumbing and tool savvy. So, without further ado, let’s get into this blog and understand and learn how to change your pool lights. Pool light 101 Most pools have one or more lights used to illuminate…

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How to Perform a Pool Pipe Pressure Test? When testing a pool for leaks, one of the first diagnostic tests is a pressure test. The plumbing lines are isolated and tested independently during this process to determine its ability to hold pressure without leaking. A pool pipe pressure test is only as accurate as the person performing the test, so it is essential to let a professional carry it out for you. If you fitted a plumbing system in a high-rise building, all plumbing lines would be pressure tested which including the following steps: The entire plumbing system to be installed should be combined into a single line for testing purposes. The system is charged between 150% to 300% of the value of the maximum designed operational pressure The system is loaded in increments (typically by 10 or 25 PSI), with a waiting period for each pressure level. Once charged…

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Top Questions to Ask Before Building a Swimming Pool A swimming pool means “Marco Polo”, “Simon says” and “Pool Noddle Joust.” In other words, it means more and more fun underwater. However, a swimming pool also represents a huge investment and as a result, there are some crucial questions that you need to ask before diving into that investment. 1.Why Do You Want a Swimming Pool? You might wonder that it’s such a silly question. I mean, who wouldn’t want to jump in to cool water on a scorching day? But, that reason alone is not enough. Just like how you think about the reasons why you should buy a car, similarly, this question is crucial as it will establish the foundation for your pool design (for example, its shape, depth, size and even type of construction). Think: what is your real and primary purpose for getting a pool? For…

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