Unclogging a Drain

Pipes and Wrenches | Unclogging a Drain Contents     – Method 1: Unclog your sink by removing and cleaning the drain     – Method 2: Unclog your sink with a plunger     – Method 3: Unclog a sink with a pressure washer     – Method 4: Unclog the sink with a chemical product It is common for food, grease, or any dirt to get lodged in your sink’s trap and clog it. The clogged trap prevents water from draining normally and can cause your sink to overflow. Unclogging a drain is easy to do yourself. In most cases, it takes less than half an hour to unblock your sink. Method 1: Unclog your sink by removing and cleaning the trap Removing the drain and cleaning it is the most effective way to deal with a clogged sink.     – First, place a bowl filled with a few inches of water…

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Installing a Shower Tray

Pipes and Wrenches | Installing a Shower Tray Summary     – Step 1: Prepare the base     – Step 2: Install the drain system     – Step 3: Form the base     – Step 4: Finalize the installation of the shower tray Showers are becoming more and more popular thanks to the wide variety of shower trays becoming more extensive and comfortable. Installing a shower tray requires following a few strict rules to ensure water tightness and proper drainage. 1. Prepare the base If you don’t have an existing drain on the floor, you’ll need to provide support for a side drain.     – Position the shower tray in its future location.     – Draw the contours of the shower tray with a pencil.     – To form the future base, ideally use pieces of aerated concrete (or waterproof plaster tiles) that you will place at the four corners of…

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Heat Pump

How a Heat Pump Works Contents – Principles of heat pump operation – Explanations of how a heat pump works – How a heat pump works according to its type – Avoid heat pumps with piston compressors Although an air conditioner can technically be called a heat pump, the word “heat pump” is more commonly used to refer to an HVAC system that can pump heat both inside and outdoors. Heat pumps can move heat in both directions: from the inside to the outside (cooling) and from the outside to the inside (heating).  To understand all the advantages of a heat pump, its limitations, and maintenance constraints, you need to know how it works, and this post tells you what it’s all about. Principles of heat pump operation Heat pump operation is based on heat transfer between a heat transfer fluid and a surrounding environment. The so-called “refrigerant” has the property of…

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bathroom faucet

How to Choose the Proper Bathroom Faucet Contents  – How to choose your bathroom faucets?  – The mixing faucet  – The mixing faucet  – Bathroom faucets comparison You can choose between two main types of faucets for your bathroom: the mixer and the single lever faucet. It’s up to you to select the bathroom faucet that, by its operation or design, but also its price, corresponds precisely to the use you want to make of it. This post helps you choose suitable bathroom faucets.  How to choose your bathroom faucets? You should take the below criteria into account to choose the most suitable faucet for each bathroom piece of equipment. Spout shape and height Like that of the control lever(s), the shape of the faucet spout can be retro, classic, or contemporary to match the style of the entire bathroom. Note: the waterfall spout, widely popular today, takes a flattened shape to diffuse water…

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Top Questions to Ask Before Building a Swimming Pool A swimming pool means “Marco Polo”, “Simon says” and “Pool Noddle Joust.” In other words, it means more and more fun underwater. However, a swimming pool also represents a huge investment and as a result, there are some crucial questions that you need to ask before diving into that investment. 1.Why Do You Want a Swimming Pool? You might wonder that it’s such a silly question. I mean, who wouldn’t want to jump in to cool water on a scorching day? But, that reason alone is not enough. Just like how you think about the reasons why you should buy a car, similarly, this question is crucial as it will establish the foundation for your pool design (for example, its shape, depth, size and even type of construction). Think: what is your real and primary purpose for getting a pool? For…

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