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5 Steps to Dress a Bathtub   Contents – Step 1: Locate and mark the location of the bath deck – Step 2: Cut the ready-to-tile panels to size – Step 3: Make the inspection hatch – Step 4: Assemble the tub deck – Step 5: Lay the tiles on the panels Dressing the bath is an essential step in any bathroom design. There are various options available to you. You can opt for a simple solution: a ready-to-install acrylic tub apron that matches your bathtub. But you can also choose to clad your bathtub with ready-to-tile panels that will allow you to personalize your bathroom and give free rein to your desires. To determine how to clad a bath effectively, follow this step-by-step guide. Materials needed to clad a bathtub Ready-to-use tile adhesive Pencil Spacers Cutter Mastic glue Tape measure Spirit level Drill Ruler 60 cm Leveling ruler Jigsaw…

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