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Cables & Wiring How to Use a Connecting Stripe

Cables & Wiring: How to Use a Connecting Stripe  Contents  – Step 1: Connect a classic connecting stripe  – Step 2: Connecting WAGO quick connectors  The connection of two or more electrical cables is often necessary for an installation. Two types of equipment exist today to make a connection: the classic connecting stripe equipped with screws that hold the wires in place and the WAGO or quick connector in which the cables are clipped.    A connecting stripe, whatever its type, is part of essential electrical work, within reach of any handyman, even a beginner.     Caution: make sure to turn off the circuit breaker before any work to avoid the risk of electrification. If in doubt, call a professional.     Reminder:  – The ground wire is usually in the middle of the outlet.  – The letter N indicates the neutral (blue wire).  – The letter L indicates the phase (red,…

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