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Hard water

How to Descale a Faucet The seat is the surface on which the valve seal rests to prevent water from flowing when the valve handles are turned. This internal part of the faucet may be worn or scaled, causing repeated leaks. Here, the seat should be lapped. Honing flattens the center of the valve heads, allowing the valve to seal when the valve is closed. Begin by removing the valve handles Switch off both the hot and cold water supplies to the faucet. To access the faucet head seats, remove the faucet handles. Using pliers, unscrew the faucet handle cover. The cover comprises the red or blue colored pad (water temperature) on some faucet types, which you may remove with a short flat screwdriver. Then, unscrew the fixing screw located inside the head. Remove the faucet head by pulling it out along its tilt axis. Note: on some faucet models, the head is…

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