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Have you ever gone to your garage to store something, only to discover stagnant, gooey sludge lying on top of the floor grate? As bad as the mess looks, what’s even worse is that if you don’t have it addressed quickly, it might end up harming any objects you have stored nearby. A garage floor drain is designed to drain any water that enters your garage with your vehicles, spills in your garage, or pours into your garage from the outside. A clogged garage drain can result in a slew of problems, including the loss of valuables and tools. Continue reading to learn about the most frequent causes of garage drain backups, as well as how to prevent them. Causes of Clogged Garage Floor Drains. Lack of Maintenance: If you don’t clean it out every few months, debris builds up and might cause a backlog, resulting in discoloration and mold…

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