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4 Steps to Insulate Your Heating Pipes

4 Steps to Insulate Your Heating Pipes   Summary Focus on the different solutions Step 1: Clean the pipes Step 2: Take measurements Step 3: Cut out the sleeves Step 4: Case 1: Install insulation on straight and curved sections Step 4: Case 2: Install insulation on T-fittings Step 4: Case 3: Insulate at wall penetrations Insulating your heating pipes allows you to make significant energy savings. Indeed, the hot water loses up to 20% of its calories between the heater and the radiators. Therefore, insulating heating pipes is necessary, especially in cold rooms (laundry room, cellar, basement). Different techniques exist depending on the configuration of your installation. Focus on the different solutions Different solutions exist to seal your heating pipes. Each more or less adapted to the installation’s constraints and the search for efficiency. The insulating tape:¬†comes in the form of a roll and is easily wrapped around the…

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