4 Steps to Install a Shower Tray

4 Steps to Install a Shower Tray


    – Step 1: Prepare the base

    – Step 2: Install the drain system

    – Step 3: Form the base

    – Step 4: Finalize the installation of the shower tray

Showers are becoming more and more popular thanks to the wide variety of shower trays becoming more extensive and comfortable. Installing a shower tray requires following a few strict rules to ensure water tightness and proper drainage.

1. Prepare the base

4 Steps to Install a Shower Tray

If you don’t have an existing drain on the floor, you’ll need to provide support for a side drain.

    – Position the shower tray in its future location.

    – Draw the contours of the shower tray with a pencil.

    – To form the future base, ideally use pieces of aerated concrete (or waterproof plaster tiles) that you will place at the four corners of the previously drawn line.

    – Place the shower tray on this base.

    – Check its flatness with a spirit level.

Think about the future faucets:

    – Draw a centerline of 130 cm on the wall (on the side where you will install the faucet).

    – Mark a reference point at 110 cm, the distance at which you will fix your mixer tap.

Good to know: some models of shower trays are sold with an adjustable foot system. This avoids having to install a cellular concrete (or waterproof plaster tile) support.

2. Install the drain system

    – Remove the shower tray.

    – Recheck the flatness of the aerated concrete blocks.

    – Coat one side of the four aerated concrete blocks with a special adhesive using a plaster knife. Place the blocks in their intended location.

    – Place the tray back on its support.

    – Mark the location of the siphonic drain on the floor.

    – Remove the shower tray.

    – Install the drain plug by connecting it to the waiting drain pipe.

    – Don’t forget to install the drain gasket.

    – Check for leaks about one hour after gluing.

3. Make the base formwork

4 Steps to Install a Shower Tray

To make the complete formwork for the shower tray base, use pieces of cellular concrete (or waterproof plaster tiles) identical to those used for the support.

    – Cut the pieces to the correct size with a saw to complete the formwork.

    – Glue with a special aerated concrete adhesive as before.

Good to know: When laying the aerated concrete blocks, leave a little space between them for the thickness of the glue.

4. Finalize the installation of the shower tray

Once the formwork has been completed, you must finish installing the shower tray:

    – Cover the top of the form well with glue.

    – Position the shower tray on the form.

    – Tap lightly on it to ensure the shower tray adheres to its support while checking the level. Use a rubber mallet to avoid damaging the tray.

    – Place the drain plug gasket correctly positioned in front of the drain hole of the shower tray.

    – Screw on the upper part of the drain with the key provided.

    – Apply sanitary silicone sealant at the junction of the shower tray and the walls (or partitions) using an extruder gun.

Tip: once the shower tray is fixed on its support, degrease it with a cloth soaked in methylated spirits.

Materials needed to install a shower tray.

Hacksaw Starting at $15
Spirit level Starting at $4
Cellular concrete Approximately $11/m²
Glue for cellular concrete $10 per 5 kg jar of ready-to-use glue
Joint gun Starting at $6
Rubbing alcohol $3 approx.
Tape measure Starting at $4
Rubber mallet $4 approx.
Coating knife Starting at $3

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