How to Change the Heating Element and the Seal of an Oven

How to Change the Heating Element and the Seal of an Oven

Changing the heating element of an oven

Do you need to replace the heating element in your oven? This operation does not require a professional. Anyone can do it, and it only requires a few basic tools. In addition, the financial investment is limited to purchasing the replacement part, so you’ll save money.

To change your oven’s heating element, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Equipment required:

Pipe spanner

Phillips screwdriver

1. Prepare your oven

First of all, it is necessary to prepare your oven:

Unplug it.

Take it out of its housing.

Clear the space around you so you can access the front and back of the oven.

Ensure the replacement part is similar to the faulty one or compatible with the oven model.

Good to know: it is possible to check the compatibility of spare parts with the manufacturers. 

2. Remove the defective heater

Removing the defective heating element is not difficult but requires a few steps.

Unscrew the back plate of the oven

First, remove the back plate of the oven:

Unscrew the plate with a Phillips screwdriver or a pipe spanner.

Put the screws aside.

Tip: You can use glasses to set the screws aside. A different glass for each dismantled part. 

Remove the plate and lay it on its side.

Remove the heater

Once you have removed the back plate of the oven, you can deal with the heater:

Locate its position.

Disconnect the electrical connection wires.

Tip: To keep track of the connections, you can take a picture or make a quick diagram.

Dismantle the heater by removing the 2 fixing screws on the holding flange.

Put the screws aside.

Open the front door of the oven and pull the heater towards you.

Note: If the thermostat sensor is attached to the heater, it is necessary to separate them.

3. Insert the new heater

Your oven is ready to receive the new heater. Here is how to proceed:

Install the heater by inserting it into its housing and positioning it on the inner supports.

Screw the retaining flange back on as before.

Connect the electrical connections of the heater.

Position the back plate and screw it back on.

The heating element of your oven has been changed. All you have to do now is put the oven back into its housing, plug it into the mains and start cooking delicious dishes and desserts again!

Now let’s see how to change an oven seal.

Changing an oven seal

How to Change the Heating Element and the Seal of an Oven

The oven door gasket is an essential part of a good seal. Allowing the oven door to close tightly ensures that food is adequately cooked and energy is saved. A poorly insulated oven heats up more slowly. A defective oven door seal must be replaced quickly so the oven can function optimally. Changing an oven door seal is easy and does not require any tools. 

1. Unplug and prepare the oven

Example 1: Oven with built-in or wall supply line

Switch off the power supply to the oven by lowering the corresponding fuse directly at the electrical panel.

Or remove the oven from its housing and disconnect the wall socket if it is at the back of the oven. 

Example 2: Gas oven

Turn off the gas supply directly at the cylinder or the mains gas supply.

2. Remove the defective seal

Open the oven door.

Locate the seal to be replaced. 

Carefully remove it. To do this, pull it out of its housing. 

3. Install the new seal

It is advisable to replace the defective seal with an equivalent model.

Good to know: several websites are selling spare parts on the Internet, allowing you to check the compatibility of the new part, depending on your oven model.

Locate the mark, enabling you to position it in the right direction. 

Carefully insert all the catches into the frame.

Check that the new seal is correctly positioned.

Close the door and reconnect the oven.

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