How to Choose Your Showerhead

How to Choose Your Showerhead


    – Choosing your showerhead

    – Models of showerhead

    – Showerhead: prices and points of sale

The showerhead is one of the main accessories of the shower fittings with the mixer, the shower column, and the shower hose. Connected to the mixer by the flexible hose, it can be chosen among many models depending on the design and the type of spray desired.

Choosing your showerhead


The showerhead is essential to the comfort of the shower, and its choice is important. Let’s see closer below.


The showerhead can be made in different shapes and chrome-plated, colored, transparent, etc. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is the most common material. This molded plastic material does not rust and is highly resistant to impact.

There are also wooden showerheads, warm and natural but more expensive and sensitive to scratches. Metal is rare.

Note: daily, the showerhead can be maintained with a bathroom cleaner. If it is scaled, you can use an anti-scale product or simply white vinegar.

The connection

Another criterion of choice is the connection of the showerhead to the hose. If the connection size is standardized, i.e., 15 × 21 mm, the connection can be made by screwing or an efficient click system. A gasket makes the seal. 

Note: The shower hose can be made of plastic, metal, or fabric and is available in four lengths: 1.25 m, 1.50 m, 1.75 m, 2 m.

The support

The housing of the showerhead to connect it to a wall bracket can be round or conical. Be sure that both are of the same shape.

The warranty

The guarantee of the showerhead is usually 2 or 3 years, but it varies from 1 to 10 years, depending on the manufacturer. This gives a good idea of the duration of the product.

Good to know: the National Electrical Code (USA): NEC, or NFPA 70 certification, delivered by an independent organization, guarantees the showerhead’s safety and good thermal and hydraulic functioning.

Models of showerheads


There are many different types of showerheads, distinguished by their shape (round, square, rectangular, star-shaped, etc.) and the type of jet.

Types of jets possible

The showerhead can offer several different types of jets, including

    The main jet is the standard jet that imitates a gentle rainfall and is found on every showerhead. Effective and fast, it provides a pleasant sensation of relaxation;

    – the foaming jet: the water jet is mixed with air for a gentle rinse without splashing;

    – the soft jet, which is between the foaming jet and the rain jet;

    – the massaging jet, fine and invigorating, is ideal for targeted massages:

    – the pulsating jet: the jet alternates between a massaging jet and air;

    – the misting jet: the jet vaporizes water into fine droplets for a relaxing effect.

Good to know: you can dampen the jet with fabric protection slipped on the showerhead for the baby shower. It costs about $12. 

The options

There are many options:

    – The flow restrictor saves water while maintaining excellent comfort. It comes in the form of a mousseur, which inflates the water drops with air or a resistance point designed to block the flow at mid-stroke.

    – Silicone nozzles or diffusers prevent the water from sticking to the knob.

    – LEDs integrated with the knob diffuse one or more colors. This change can be random or indicate, for example, a too high water temperature. 

    – Connected, the showerhead allows you to monitor your water consumption via your computer or smartphone. 

showerheads: prices and points of sale

You can find showerheads in supermarkets, DIY stores, bathroom specialty stores, and on the Internet.

The price of a showerhead varies considerably depending on the type and number of jets offered, the material, and the manufacturer. Prices range from $10 to $100.

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