Maintain Your Septic Tank Properly

After long days of absence, you return home and go to the bathroom, but unbearable odors spoil the fun. Don’t look far; it’s coming from the septic tank. Fortunately, there are solutions to this type of problem. To understand the problem, you need to know that a septic tank is an individual wastewater treatment system used when you are not connected to the sewer system. In general, it contains specific living organisms. If you are away for an extended period and do not discharge waste to feed them, the organisms die. The tank then becomes clogged and causes odors of varying degrees.

How To Maintain a Septic Tank?

To avoid the accumulation of waste in the installation, the maintenance of a septic tank must be regular. First of all, it is always essential to call a professional to do the work. The operation starts with the emptying of the septic tank. This step should be done when the sludge reaches 50% of the tank’s volume, about every 4 years. Next, it is necessary to go through the cleaning the pipes. Here, the mission is to eliminate the scale present in the pipes. Then, the maintenance of the planted filter: this solution uses the weeding of the plant culture or the cutting of the aerial parts of the stems during the winter seasons.

Actions To Avoid

Certain habits must be avoided, because certain reflexes could lead to the death of bacteria and damage the septic tank. For example, chlorinated agents such as bleach should be avoided. The same applies to antibiotics and cleaning products that are not compatible with septic tanks. Chemical detergents should also be limited, especially those in powder form. Nothing else should be put in the septic tank except toilet paper.

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