Mobile Toilets: Operation and Price

Mobile Toilets: Operation and Price

Mobile toilets are generally used in places where there are no sanitary facilities. You will find them in places that host public events, on construction sites or in campsites. How do portable toilets work? And how much do they cost? Read on!

How Does a Portable Toilet Work?

Mobile toilets have characteristics that reflect how they work. This is explained below.

Different Water Tanks Depending on the Model

There are models of mobile toilets that need to be equipped with water tanks to function properly. This is the case for mobile toilets that have a flush and those with a sink.

In order for the user to be able to activate the flush and the sink, a clean water tank is connected to both systems. Similarly, mobile toilets are equipped with a second tank to collect wastewater.

To avoid unpleasant surprises when installing your portable toilet, it is recommended to ask a professional for an estimate.

Safety for Both Organizers and Users

When it rains or during a winter event, there is a high probability of having to deal with a wet or damp booth floor. To protect against any accidents that may occur due to a wet floor (falls, slips, etc.), portable toilets have a non-slip floor.

In addition, for event organizers who don’t want the stalls to be vandalized, there is the option to lock them at the end of the day with a padlock.

Optional Power Supply

Most mobile toilet models are completely autonomous. Therefore, they do not require a connection to the electrical network before they can function properly. It may, however, be advisable during the winter months to opt for a mobile toilet with a heating system to enjoy greater comfort.

Mobile Toilet Cabin, Toilet, Dixi Klo, Wc

Mobile Toilet Cabin, Toilet, Dixi Klo, Wc

Inclusive Mobile Toilets

During a large event where many people are invited, it is normal to have a wide variety of people present, including people with reduced mobility. Since ordinary mobile toilets do not have enough space to accommodate a wheelchair and do not offer much freedom of movement, mobile toilets dedicated to people with reduced mobility have been exclusively designed.

These models are larger and have an access ramp as well as numerous grab bars that facilitate movement inside the cabin and thus respect universal accessibility criteria.

How Much Do Portable Toilets Cost?

There are many factors that influence the cost of a portable toilet. These include capacity, size and type. For chemical mobile toilets, you will have to spend between 70 and 1500 euros.

For the connectable mobile toilets, you will need to budget between 100 and 5000 euros. As for the dry mobile toilets, they will cost you at least 200 euros and at most 600 euros.

Companies that offer mobile toilets for rent can provide their customers with a monthly bill ranging from 155 euros to 447 euros for a portable cabin. When it comes to a 24-hour rental, the rate will vary between 155 euros and 200 euros.

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