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Bathroom Accessories

Get These Bathroom Accessories Before Calling Your Plumber Contents – Bathroom accessories around the sinks and bathtub – Bathroom accessories around the shower – Bathroom accessories for storage – Bathroom accessories: dare to be original – Bathroom accessories prices and outlets There’s nothing like a few accessories in your bathroom to give it a facelift, all for less. All of them will constitute as many decorative accessories that will considerably influence the style of your bathroom. Towel racks and storage baskets, bath mats and towels, beauty accessories, or green plants, not to mention a few items taken from another universe… Bathroom accessories around the basins and the bathtub The toiletries Around the basins, all the small accessories necessary for the toilet and for brushing the teeth must be arranged: soap dish, cup, etc. You can fix them on the wall or the ceiling. They can either be fixed to the…

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Bathroom Installation

Safety Standards to Follow in Bathroom Installation Summary Bathroom safety: electricity Bathroom safety: floors and walls Bathroom safety: accessories Bathroom safety: water temperature A bathroom is a place dedicated to relaxation and well-being. To keep it that way, you must respect safety rules for electricity such as humidity, water temperature, or storage. Let’s take a closer look below. Safety in the bathroom: electricity Water and electricity do not mix well. Electrical safety rules are therefore stringent in bathrooms. The (NEC) – NFPA standard defines 4 electrical safety volumes. Volume 0 corresponds to the shower or bathtub itself. Except for those directly integrated into some shower cubicles, no electrical appliance is allowed. Volume 1 corresponds in width to the dimensions of the shower or bathtub up to 2.25 m high. Only waterproof (IPX4) lighting fixtures and extra-low voltage switches (12 V) are allowed. Volume 2 adds 0.6 m to the width of volume…

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