Get These Bathroom Accessories Before Calling Your Plumber

Get These Bathroom Accessories Before Calling Your Plumber


– Bathroom accessories around the sinks and bathtub

– Bathroom accessories around the shower

– Bathroom accessories for storage

– Bathroom accessories: dare to be original

– Bathroom accessories prices and outlets

There’s nothing like a few accessories in your bathroom to give it a facelift, all for less. All of them will constitute as many decorative accessories that will considerably influence the style of your bathroom. Towel racks and storage baskets, bath mats and towels, beauty accessories, or green plants, not to mention a few items taken from another universe…

Bathroom accessories around the basins and the bathtub

Bathroom Accessories

The toiletries

Around the basins, all the small accessories necessary for the toilet and for brushing the teeth must be arranged: soap dish, cup, etc. You can fix them on the wall or the ceiling. They can either be fixed to the wall or placed on the washbasin.

In addition, there are towel holders, small hooks, possible handles, etc. All of them can be coordinated with each other and with your faucets, for example, or on the contrary, chosen in another material or in a flashy color to illuminate a white tiled bathroom or in wood tones.

The mirror

Please don’t neglect the mirror above the basins, which is essential for applying make-up or shaving and visually enlarging the room and contributing to its decoration.

Note: particular attention should be paid to the lighting in the bathroom, whether it is general lighting or more localized lighting to highlight a particular decorative element.

Bathroom accessories around the shower

Outside the shower

Bathroom Accessories

Suppose your shower doesn’t have an enclosure. In that case, it all starts with the shower curtain, one of the essential accessories in bathroom decoration, along with the carpet, which is also very practical to prevent any risk of falling on a floor made slippery by water. You can choose them to be discreet, tone on tone, so that they blend in with the decor, or on the contrary, you can play with contrasts or originality with patterns.

Inside the shower

Opt for a pretty hanging shower caddy, small corner shelves, or a telescopic shelf in the shower. 

Bathroom accessories for storage

Shelves and shelves everywhere will welcome storage elements in the bathroom, but also decorative accessories to choose from many materials: glass, wood, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel … You can also add baskets, pots, etc.

Tip: simple door or drawer knobs are enough to transform an old-fashioned storage unit. And don’t forget the many beauty accessories that can be used as decorative elements: pretty perfume bottles, a ball of sisal, or even a few candles.

Bathroom accessories: dare to be original

In the bathroom, every little detail counts. So why not play the originality card by diverting certain objects to make accessories like no other?

You can use a wooden ladder to hang beautiful towels. Or foutas, these woven cotton sheets bordered with bangs, originating from the countries of northern Africa and are now very trendy. You can also use a bottle rack to store bottles, nicely rolled, while hanging flower pots can be used as storage baskets. A metal bathroom bench or a pretty rattan armchair will set the mood. Let your imagination run wild!

Note: a few plants scattered around will also contribute to the decoration. However, be careful not to overload the room to preserve good circulation and air it out regularly.

Prices and points of sale for bathroom accessories

You will find bathroom accessories in department stores, bathroom and decoration stores, on the Internet, and wherever your imagination takes you: garden centers, ethnic stores, etc.

Depending on the dimensions and materials, you can count on

– for a bathroom shelf, from $30 to more than $250;

– for a towel rack, from $20 to over $100;

– for a shower curtain, from $15 to over $70;

– for a bath mat, from $20 to over $70;

– for a bathroom bench, from $40 to over $150.

After obtaining all of this, contact your plumber or handyman to install all of your accessories, including your faucets and basins.

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