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Shower Hose

Summary  – Shower hose models  – Choosing your shower hose  – Shower hose: where to find it? The shower hose connects the showerhead to the mixer or the shower column. Essential for shower comfort, it can be chosen among different materials and sizes to meet your needs. Note: The shower hose is one of the main accessories of the shower fittings, the mixer, the shower column, and the showerhead. Shower hose models It all depends on the material, between nylon, plastic, or metal.  Nylon Made of braided nylon threads, the shower hose is light and inexpensive but not very resistant. Unlike a metal model, there is no risk of scratching the other elements of the shower. Made of PVC Very hygienic and easy to maintain, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) hoses do not scratch other shower components. But while it is resistant to traction, it is sensitive to pinching and bending. For improved…

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