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The shower hose connects the showerhead to the mixer or the shower column. Essential for shower comfort, it can be chosen among different materials and sizes to meet your needs.

Note: The shower hose is one of the main accessories of the shower fittings, the mixer, the shower column, and the showerhead.

Shower hose models

It all depends on the material, between nylon, plastic, or metal. 


Made of braided nylon threads, the shower hose is light and inexpensive but not very resistant. Unlike a metal model, there is no risk of scratching the other elements of the shower.

Made of PVC

Very hygienic and easy to maintain, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) hoses do not scratch other shower components. But while it is resistant to traction, it is sensitive to pinching and bending.

For improved resistance, it can be reinforced PVC (using metal threads) or reinforced PVC (using nylon threads). Its price then climbs slightly.


Shower Hose

Whether it is made of steel, brass, or stainless steel, the metal shower hose is the most resistant of all. However, it must be regularly maintained and can scratch the other shower elements.

Its durability will depend on how it is fastened. Single-stitched hoses are made of a single layer of metal and are more susceptible to bending and pinching. With double stitching, it remains flexible but more resistant and anti-torsion.

Note: All of these shower hoses are available with an anti-torsion system, which allows them to follow the movements. Otherwise, it is possible to add one between the shower hose and the showerhead. This system costs between $20 and $30. 

Choosing your shower hose

flexible hose is made up of rings that are fixed, braided, or stapled together, depending on the material, to give it its essential flexibility. It must be able to resist stretching, bending, and twisting.

In addition to the material, the main selection criteria are the size of the hose and its connection system. 

Hose length

Shower Hose

There are four standard hose sizes: 1.25 m, 1.50 m, 1.75 m, and 2 m. This length should be chosen according to the size of the users because the shower hose should not be too tense during use so that it does not get damaged. Note that a longer hose gives more ease and allows to reach the whole shower tray if it is vast. 

The hose length should also be adapted to the height of the connection. In a standard shower, the mixer is already 1 m from the floor, whereas in a bathtub-shower combination, it is only about 45 cm from the bottom: the hose should therefore be longer. 

Good to know: choose a shower hose that reaches 10 cm above the tallest person’s head in the household.

The connection

The connection size with the showerhead and the mixer or column is standard, i.e., 15 × 21 mm. But the connection can be made on the knob side by screwing or an efficient click system. The sealing is ensured by seals, which are usually provided. 

The warranty

The warranty is usually between 1 and 5 years and gives a good idea of the product’s life.

It is always better to choose material stamped with the standards established in your country, which guarantees the safety and durability of the material. 

There are also standards for materials in contact with water intended for human consumption, knowing that the hose has no impact on water quality. 

Shower hose: where to find it

You can find a shower hose in supermarkets, DIY stores, bathroom specialty stores, and on the Internet.


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