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Water Supply: How It Is Collected, Treated And Distributed

To a scientist, water is seen as the compound H2O, combining two hydrogen atoms with one of oxygen. But, if you ask the public, water is an absolutely essential commodity. Water does not only dominate inside our bodies and in the constant running of industries, but also our history. From ancient Egyptians to Biblical references, we can trace the outline of water supply throughout human civilization. Today, however, we are more interested in looking at the purification and distribution phase of water supply. Purifying Water By Chlorination And Aeration The first phase of water treatment is chlorination –the addition of chlorine. Like oxygen, chlorine is a chemically active gas that readily combines with many other kinds of substances, forming different compounds. Waterworks men use chlorine for two primary purposes – to kill harmful bacteria and to destroy objectionable organic matter. In a surface supply of water, this organic material may…

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