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Walk-in Shower

8 Essential Steps for Making a Walk-in Shower Contents – Zoom on the walk-in shower – Step 1: Position the drain plug – Step 2: Make a form for the drain – Step 3: Pour the bottom of the shower tray – Step 4: Install the drain – Step 5: Install the waterproofing sheet – Step 6: Cut out the drain grate support – Step 7: Make a diamond point screed – Step 8: Lay the tiles Aesthetic and discreet in the bathroom, the walk-in shower is becoming more and more popular. Spacious, accessible, and decorative, it requires great attention during its construction, especially to the drainage of water and the waterproofing of the whole at the risk of significant disorder. There are two main methods to build an Italian shower: – the installation by making the screed yourself; – the installation with a ready-to-tile shower tray. This sheet presents…

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Installing a Shower Tray

Pipes and Wrenches | Installing a Shower Tray Summary     – Step 1: Prepare the base     – Step 2: Install the drain system     – Step 3: Form the base     – Step 4: Finalize the installation of the shower tray Showers are becoming more and more popular thanks to the wide variety of shower trays becoming more extensive and comfortable. Installing a shower tray requires following a few strict rules to ensure water tightness and proper drainage. 1. Prepare the base If you don’t have an existing drain on the floor, you’ll need to provide support for a side drain.     – Position the shower tray in its future location.     – Draw the contours of the shower tray with a pencil.     – To form the future base, ideally use pieces of aerated concrete (or waterproof plaster tiles) that you will place at the four corners of…

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