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Steps to Dismantle a Faucet

Pipes and Wrenches | 4 Easy Steps to Dismantle a Faucet Contents     – Precautions to take before disassembling a faucet     – Step 1: Unscrew the nuts that connect the hoses to the water supply     – Step 2: Detach the control stem from the bung     – Step 3: Remove the faucet fasteners from under the sink, basin, or tub     – Step 4: Remove the faucet Removing a faucet is a simple operation that unsophisticated DIYers can do. Replacing a defective faucet, changing a faucet model, or replacing a worn-out gasket: all these operations require disassembling a faucet. To disassemble a faucet, you will need to disconnect it from its support and disconnect it from the hot and cold water supplies. Precautions to take before disassembling a faucet Before starting to disassemble a faucet, you must turn off the water, with the stopcock if you have one, otherwise…

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Leaking Faucet

6 Easy Steps to Repair a Leaking Faucet Repairing a Leaking Mixer at the Base and Changing Its Cartridge Contents – Precautions to take before repairing a leaking faucet – Step 1: Remove the handle from the mixing valve (option 1) – Disassemble the handle of the mixing valve (option 2) – Step 2: Access the cartridge – Step 3: Change the used seals – Step 4: Reassemble the mixing valve – Step 5: Check the mixer installation – Step 6: If the mixer is still leaking, change the cartridge Repairing a leaking faucet by replacing the cartridge seals is something you can do yourself. Moreover, this repair does not require many tools.  The mixing valve differs from other types of faucets in that it has a single control for water temperature and flow. However, sometimes the seals of the cartridge inserted in the mixing valve body wear out and…

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