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Down the Drain: Plumbers Reveal the Weirdest Things They Found in People’s Pipes

Being a plumber can be so stressful. Forget about you having to be strong and fit. You are asked to work in extreme conditions, you are exposed to hazardous chemicals, asbestos and raw sewage and you can often spend long hours in uncomfortable postures. Yes, plumbing is not rocket science, but it is a dirty job and can be dangerous. One of the most disgusting stuff they have to deal with is making their way through the black abyss of drains and pipes and removing what’s stuck in there. Now, it happens that when you’ve been washing your hands, they become slippery with soap and your wedding band falls off, rolling down the sink. But surprisingly, these brave workers have found many more insane things than a few wedding rings. #1. Thousands of Condoms “I know my job is a physically demanding one and I’ve seen a lot during the…

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