Down the Drain: Plumbers Reveal the Weirdest Things They Found in People’s Pipes

Being a plumber can be so stressful. Forget about you having to be strong and fit. You are asked to work in extreme conditions, you are exposed to hazardous chemicals, asbestos and raw sewage and you can often spend long hours in uncomfortable postures. Yes, plumbing is not rocket science, but it is a dirty job and can be dangerous.

One of the most disgusting stuff they have to deal with is making their way through the black abyss of drains and pipes and removing what’s stuck in there.

Now, it happens that when you’ve been washing your hands, they become slippery with soap and your wedding band falls off, rolling down the sink.

But surprisingly, these brave workers have found many more insane things than a few wedding rings.

#1. Thousands of Condoms

Thousands of Condoms

I know my job is a physically demanding one and I’ve seen a lot during the last year. When someone hired me for a clogged toilet, I was having a really hard time with the toilet snake. When I pulled the snake back up, I uncovered a freaking motherload of condoms.

I know it happens sometimes, but what was the most unusual thing was the huge amount of condoms that were brought to the surface. Later on, I learned that this house was once known as a brothel.”

#2. Used Diapers

Used Diapers

You know what it means when you usually have kids under 5: a lot, a lot of diapers and their dirty smell (ugh!)

Even when you throw them in a covered trash bin, the horrible stink can still find its way to your nostril.

I understand parents’ frustration, but that doesn’t mean you flush these stink bombs down the toilet. That’s right, I’ve previously unearthed a few dirty diapers down the pipes.”

#3. Smartphones


I think I can read your thought here: What kind of person would flush away a smartphone, which I remind you can even cost over $ 500? For sure, an idiot!

One time I was called out for a blocked toilet and it turns out the obstruction was a smartphone. Would you believe me if I said it looked brand new?

I’ve come across a lot of flushed smartphones in my life but I’ve always wondered how laziness can drive people to flush these things instead of disposing them properly.”

#4. A Fax Machine

A Fax Machine

I’ve had multiple calls from a Scottish company requesting an emergency call for the sewers beneath its streets. When I arrived on site, I never expected to find a fax machine – and who on earth still uses that outdated thing?”

#5. Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Today, despite the increasing fear of falling into debt traps, credit cards are still considered as an indispensable part of financial life. And, losing a credit card is like losing your best friend.

I had a call out to a nightclub, with which I have a remunerative contract. That job kept me busy for hours. When I began to auger the toilet, you won’t believe it but a credit card floated up to the bowl.

It’s not unusual for someone to use a credit card in a nightclub, but I guessed that someone had a hard time.”

#6. A What?

A What?

I would never forget that case.

It was around eight-nine years back, when a Chinese farmer couldn’t find his cow.

After four days of searching, the farmer almost gave up when the sound of mooing could be heard in a sewer drain. Fortunately, a plumber got down in the sewer and rescued the cow.

Unbelievable but true story, the fact that a cow got in the sewer still remains a mystery.”

What is the weirdest stuff you think can be stuck in your drain?

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    […] keep it clean, then there is always bleach. Every so often, add a small amount of bleach down the drain and let it sit for about an hour before you turn on the water. This should do the trick and keep it […]

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