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A clogged septic tank often leads to many inconveniences. Therefore, it is advisable to fix it quickly. You can do so using the few techniques below. Signs of a Clogged Septic Tank The septic tank is a wastewater treatment system. It can become clogged due to the accumulation of residue and sludge. One of the warning signs is a foul odor. This smell can be felt around the tank itself, but it can also be carried into your home through your pipes. When the water flows slowly or makes gurgling noises, it’s also time to take action. Otherwise, it can lead to a back-up when you flush your toilet. Unclogging Techniques Before performing any operation to unclog your system, you must first identify its origin. To do this, simply look through the manhole. If water is not coming in, the problem is upstream. However, if you notice that the tank…

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