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Your bathroom sink collects all kinds of filthy build-up in the period between your morning and bedtime activities. Toothpaste, makeup spills, soapy residue, hard water stains, and other dirt can accumulate on the surface throughout the day, causing major grime that can’t be washed away when you wash your hands.   A daily wipe-down with a moist cloth or cleaning wipe can help keep the worst dirt away, but a deeper clean should be done once a week. To have a spot-free sink, use an excellent bathroom cleanser and a little scrubbing to remove bacteria, stains, and bad odors. Read on how to clean a bathroom sink from A to Z, including the drain, with our guide below. Even in a busy bathroom, a beautiful sink is feasible with these quick cleaning tips. Best Cleaning Tools for Bathroom Sinks Most bathroom sinks can be cleaned with a soft cloth and…

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2 Common plumbing problems that you can fix at home Whether you own a home or are living on your own in a new apartment, most of us fear any plumbing issues that may happen because we don’t know how to fix them. Most of us call a plumber every time we have an issue with our plumbing system, but this can be really expensive at times. Don’t worry because I am here to tell you some common plumbing problems and how you can fix them. Roll up your sleeves and let’s find a solution to all your plumbing issues, this time, you won’t have to call dad or a plumber to fix them. You can even brag about this to your friends. So without further ado, let’s get on this list. Tips for novice plumbers  Have the appropriate tools to do the jobs that you are doing, don’t try…

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