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Universal Multimeter

How to Use a Universal Multimeter or Tester Contents Step 1: Measuring a voltage Step 2: Measuring a current Using a multimeter or a universal tester, you can measure several physical quantities: an AC or DC voltage expressed in volts (V); a resistance, expressed in ohms (Ω); a current, expressed in amperes (A). Today, there are two types of universal testers: digital and analog. Some digital testers have the advantage of automatic gauge selection, making them much easier to use. Always choose the highest rating of the quantity being measured if the rating selection is not automatic. Reminder: The ground wire is usually in the middle of the socket. The letter N indicates the neutral (blue wire). The letter L indicates the phase (red, brown, or black wire). Caution: An electrical outlet can conduct electricity even if the appliance connected is not working. Use a voltmeter or a voltage tester to…

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