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Water Softener

How to Maintain a Water Softener Summary Step 1: Check the salt level in your water softener Step 2: Change the prefilter cartridge in your water softener Step 3: Clean the resin in your softener Step 4: Check the water hardness The water softener is a device that is found in many homes. Unlike simple filter cartridges, the water softener is electronically controlled. A process treats the water with salt and resin. All these elements must be checked regularly. Here is how to maintain a water softener. 1. Check the salt level of your water softener If the water that goes through the softener is treated with resin, it is the salt that allows the regeneration of the resin. It is, of course, a specific salt for softeners. To know if your tank needs salt, you can : refer to the mark on the tank if yours is equipped with…

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