How to Maintain a Water Softener

How to Maintain a Water Softener


Step 1: Check the salt level in your water softener

Step 2: Change the prefilter cartridge in your water softener

Step 3: Clean the resin in your softener

Step 4: Check the water hardness

The water softener is a device that is found in many homes. Unlike simple filter cartridges, the water softener is electronically controlled. A process treats the water with salt and resin. All these elements must be checked regularly.

Here is how to maintain a water softener.

1. Check the salt level of your water softener

If the water that goes through the softener is treated with resin, it is the salt that allows the regeneration of the resin. It is, of course, a specific salt for softeners.

To know if your tank needs salt, you can :

refer to the mark on the tank if yours is equipped with one;

or wait until the water appears at the bottom of the tank.

In both cases, fill your tank with a new bag of salt tablets.

Tip: About every 4 years, clean water and clean water to cleanse any salt deposits that may have formed a white crust on the bottom of the pan.

2. Change the prefilter cartridge of your water softener

Water Softener

If your prefilter cartridge has changed color to ochre, it’s time to change it. To do so:

Turn off the water supply (close the first valve before the prefilter).

Open a faucet in the house to purge all the pipes (the faucet must remain open during this operation).

Unscrew the air bleeder above the prefilter.

Unscrew the prefilter bowl, placing a basin underneath to catch residual water.

Replace the cartridge.

Screw the prefilter bowl back on without forcing it, making sure that the joints of the bowl (black) and the cartridge (white) are well in place and not distorted.

Turn on the water supply.

Close the tap left open as soon as the water usually flows.

Good to know: the prefilter cartridge should be replaced once or twice a year, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

3. Clean the resin of your water softener

It is recommended to clean the resin of the water softener every year or after an absence of more than 2 weeks during which the water has not been used in the house. This cleaning is done with a dedicated product that can be found in large DIY stores:

Add the correct amount of cleaning product for the water capacity of your softener (refer to the instructions for your appliance and the information on the product).

Start a manual regeneration of the resin from the electronic control box.

Good to know: your softener applies an automatic resin regeneration at regular intervals.

4. Check the water hardness

To ensure that your water softener is working correctly, you should check the water hardness in your system. Checking kits are available on the market:

Take water from the tap in the test tube provided.

Insert the product supplied in the kit.

Read the indicated levels.

If the hardness of your water has fluctuated by + or – 10 %, the electronic controller of your water softener needs to be adjusted. This adjustment can be made by a specialist or by yourself if the procedure is indicated in the device’s manual.

In addition to its annual, the water control must be done after each disinfection of the resin.

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