What Is the Difference Between a Micro Sewage Treatment Plant and a Septic Tank?

What Is the Difference Between a Micro Sewage Treatment Plant and a Septic Tank?

What Is the Difference Between a Micro Purification Station and a Septic Tank?

The septic tank and the micro purification station are two individual sanitation systems that are very popular in households. Although they are both efficient solutions that can be relied upon for wastewater treatment, they do not have everything in common. Find out more about their differences by reading this article!


This is a criterion that must be taken into account when choosing an individual sewage treatment system. In this respect, you should favour micro sewage treatment plants, as they do not give off the slightest smell, as opposed to septic tanks.

In fact, the micro-stations have an impeccable insulation, which offers them the possibility of absorbing the bad smells that there could be in the surroundings of the installation.

In case you want to have a clear understanding of the characteristics of the two individual sewage systems, you can call a sewage specialist to talk to you about it. These specialists are present in all regions of France.

The Clutter

Micro-stations appear to be a better solution in terms of space occupation. In fact, they need little space, although they are designed to carry out the pre-treatment as well as the treatment of domestic wastewater.

This makes their installation cost lower than that of the septic tank. All-water tanks, as opposed to micro-stations, have a relatively high installation cost and require a significant amount of land.

Frequency of Use

The fact that a septic tank is not used for months or that it is used intensively will not have the slightest impact on its efficiency. The opposite is true of a micro sewage treatment plant, which must be used very frequently to function optimally.


This is a criterion that can considerably influence the choice of users. The micro sewage treatment plant and the septic tank are individual sanitation devices with different prices.

Generally speaking, a septic tank costs between 500 and 2000 euros. As for the micro purification station, it has a cost that fluctuates from 5000 to 10000 euros excluding tax.

The Operation

The septic tank appears to be a particularly easy to use equipment, as it does not need electricity for its operation. On the other hand, the micro sewage treatment plant requires a permanent power supply. In fact, it is possible that the installation could be damaged if the power supply is cut off for too long.


An all-water tank requires less maintenance than a micro sewage treatment plant. In fact, the septic tank requires a check-up and an emptying every 4 to 5 years, whereas a micro sewage treatment plant needs a strict annual maintenance.

Wastewater Treatment

The two individual treatment devices do not perform the same activity on the wastewater. In fact, the septic tank only provides pre-treatment of the wastewater. This is not the case with the micro-station, which is responsible for the complete treatment of the wastewater.


If the micro-station and the septic tank are both individual sanitation equipments, it is not for all that one is able to substitute the other in all cases. In fact, it is not recommended to use the micro purification station in a secondary residence, whereas the septic tank can be used in both primary and secondary residences.

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