4 Steps for Installing a Gutter Against a Deck

4 Steps for Installing a Gutter Against a Deck


    – Step 1: Dig the trench

    – Step 2: Stabilize the trench

    – Step 3: Assemble the channel

    – Step 4: Connect the drain

The gutter channel stormwater, especially around the house, which can cause significant damage.

A gutter for a pedestrian crossing consists of a body of synthetic material laid at the bottom of a trench, made up of:

    – 1 m long elements, usually with a 10 cm square section, covered with a steel grid, and assembled by male/female interlocking;

    – elbows for the corners (if existing);

    – an obturator to be fixed on the last element;

    – an obturator to be fixed on the first element and comprising an outlet for evacuation.

In the case of a gutter bordering a terrace, it is recommended to foresee a draining slope between 0,5 and 1 cm / m, according to the quantity of water to evacuate.

Here are a few steps to install a gutter around your terrace.

1. Dig the trench

    – Locate the place where you will make the connection with the drainage system of your house.

    – Mark the location of the gutter around your deck with a line drawn between wooden stakes, and mark the path to the drainage system.

    – Estimate the number of elements you will need to assemble to make your gutter.

    – Dig a trench 15 cm deep and 20 cm wide with a spade (for a 10 × 10 cm channel).

    – Start at the furthest point of the connection.

    – Level the bottom of the trench with your foot.

2. Stabilize the trench

    – Prepare concrete by mixing 1 part cement to 4 parts sand/gravel mixture with a trowel in a mason’s trough.

    – Pour this concrete into the trench.

    – Spread it as best you can over a thickness of 5 cm, this height is important to respect, the gutter once installed should ideally be 5 mm below the level of the terrace.

    – Use the mason’s rule and the spirit level to level the channel, taking into account the slope (the rule measures 2 meters, the difference in height must be 2 cm).

3. Assemble the channel

Installing a Gutter Against a Deck

    – Place the channel elements at the bottom of the trench, mark the cut line of the last element to adjust it to the total length.

    – Take the elements out of the trench.

    – Hacksaw the last element on the reverse side.

    – Attach the stop plug to the last element and the exit plug to the first element.

    – Assemble the elements in line: fit them together and apply a bead of silicone sealant around the edges for a better seal.

    – Install the grates as planned.

    – Place the channel in the trench.

    – Check the slope, adjust if necessary by sliding wedges under the elements.

    – Fill in the spaces along the channel with concrete and a trowel.

    – Smooth its surface.

    – Do not overflow on the grates, they must be removable.

4. Connect the drain

Connect to your main drainage system using pipes and elbows:

    – Allow for a slope of 2 to 3 cm / m.

    – Bury the pipes at least 60 cm away from a car passage.

    – Indicate the presence of this evacuation with a warning grid.

Depending on the configuration of your premises, this connection may require a somewhat heavy implementation, therefore specific equipment. Contact a professional who will apply the standards in force and will know how to protect your lawn.

Note: you can also choose to connect it to a rainwater collector.

Equipment to install a gutter against a terrace

Spirit level 

2 m aluminum ruler 

Chalk line 






Silicone sealant 


Security fence

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