Who Should Pay for Pipe Maintenance: The Tenant or the Owner?

For all of us, drain problems are embarrassing and must be fixed as soon as possible. However, before embarking on the work, questions always arise: who is responsible for the maintenance and repair costs and how to proceed? The answers are below.

The payment of the maintenance work

Unclogging work is part of maintenance and damage repair. According to the law, tenants of a dwelling must ensure all routine maintenance to preserve its aesthetics and durability. In fact, most routine damage is caused by a lack of attention or mishandling on the part of tenants.

However, if you have just moved in and notice problems with pipes, you have the right to claim repair of the damage from your landlord. In addition, when pipe problems occur in the common area, the repair costs are to be shared among the co-owners in the case of a collective dwelling.

A comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy covers tenants and owners in case of leaks, infiltrations, and water pipe problems inside the dwelling. If you have taken out this contract, you can contact your insurer within 5 working days to be compensated. You will need to provide your policy number and describe the damage and its causes.

Methods of pipe repair

Whether it’s a water leak or a clogged lever, there are simple methods you can use to fix the problem. For example, if you have a leak, you can reinforce the seal of your faucet with a lapping tool. Also, use a bung wrench to tighten a lever, bathtub, and sink bung. Or you can replace it if it is already defective.

When it comes to a clogged drain, plumbing problems are caused by the accumulation of soap, hair, or food waste. Thus, you can unblock your lever with a plunger or a ferret. However, if the problem persists, add 5 spoons of bicarbonate and 2 glasses of white vinegar. This solution creates bubbles that will loosen the fatty deposits on the pipe wall. After 20 minutes:
Apply a mixture of hot water and soda crystals. This formula will dissolve the organic substances that cause the clog.
Leave it on overnight for best results.
Contact a professional plumber to repair the damage as soon as possible.

Pipe maintenance techniques

It should be noted that drain problems can result in severe and expensive damage to your home. Besides, as we all know, the water in the pipes is already dirty. It gets worse when waste is added to it. Unpleasant odors and respiratory complications such as asthma and allergies can occur.

Therefore, simple actions are highly recommended to maintain the pipes day and night. Filter the wastewater discharged into the pipes well by removing hair, which will trap everything in the lines. For this, you can use a hair filter in your shower. Also, be aware that milk is dangerous for the pipe because it requires a lot of oxygen to decompose. Similarly, cigarette butts do not break down quickly, which can damage the pipes. Because of their absorbent properties, feminine hygiene products can also cause a massive blockage in the pipes. Coffee grounds, flour, and pasta are the drain’s main enemies. Not to mention fats and vegetable oils, as they cling and solidify over time.

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