8 Water Heater Tips | Save Money & Energy

Who does not want to save money on their water heater bills? Did you know that your water bills count up to 18 % of your total bills? It definitely makes your pockets hurt, huh? Have you ever taken your hot water for granted and when your water heater was broken down you felt betrayed and had to shower with cold water on a Monday morning? In this article, you will learn how to create an efficient home; saving money and energy.


10 Water Heater Tips;

1. Lower The Thermostat

Many manufacturers already have a certain degree for their water heater, which is normally at 60 degrees Celsius but most homes are mostly comfortable at 48 degrees Celsius. When you are done with the adjustment you will want to take a quick shower to see if there is a noticeable difference in the temperature. If it does not make a lot of a difference I will suggest you stick with the decrease, as this little reduction can make an impact on your monthly bill. On top of this, it also reduces scalding which reduces the mineral buildup in your pipes – which saves you even more money.

2. Insulate Tank

Insulate your storage tank- it will allow you to reduce the amount of heat loss and halt the unit from turning on as frequently. It is extremely important that you follow the instructions given by your manufacturer.

Some of the basics recommendations include; not covering the heater’s thermostat, the burner, top, and bottom. If you are thinking of insulating your hot water tank you should call your local plumber.

3. Install Heat Traps

The heat traps will allow cold water to flow into the tank- but secure heated water and unwanted convection to flow out of the unit. Most modern units are built with heat traps but if your unit is old (approx 10 years old) and still in working condition, installing a heat trap is still a good option. You may ask a professional plumber about it.

4. Make Use Of Cold Water

While it may seem simple, utilizing cold water for most laundry loads (especially during the rinse cycle) and basic grooming (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.) will significantly reduce your electricity expenditure. Coldwater is also beneficial to one’s health and well-being.

5. Repair Faucets That Are Leaky

A dripping faucet may appear to be a minor annoyance, but it may waste a lot of water and money in a short amount of time. Any leaking faucet should be repaired right away (be sure to check the outdoor faucets as well). Did you know that 10% of homes have plumbing leaks that waste more than 90 gallons of water every day?

6. Drain Your Tank

It is important that you drain your water heater annually or so. It allows you to get rid of the deposits from the tank that can affect the heat transfer and lower the efficiency of the unit. This is an easy procedure, but you have to implement whatever the manufacturer told you to.

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7. Installing A Timer

Traditional water heaters do not have timers and they run all the time which conclude in a waste of energy. When you install a timer it will automatically turn it off during certain hours for example at night- people may think that it is a very minimal amount but everything adds up and you shall be able to minimize cost for everything.

8. Insulate Pipes

We talked about insulating the tanker previously, but it is also possible for you to insulate the pipes. Add insulation to the first 6 feet of hot and cold water pipes connected to the unit. This will curb the potential risk of fire hazards, but also will conserve heat, so your system won’t work too hard to reheat.

These 8 tips will help you to reduce the cost of your electricity bill. Let us know which tips will you apply…

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