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It’s About to Go Down: Different Ways to Unclog a Toilet

You’d agree with me that the toilet is the most under-appreciated part of a home. And, a clogged toilet (especially one with poop in it) is one of the worst nightmares of a homeowner – and for some weird reasons, it always seems to happen at the worst possible moments. However, blaming your child for flushing one of his socks or crossing your fingers and sending out silent prayers won’t be of much help. If you want to end this nightmare as soon as possible, try the following solutions. #1. The Plunging Technique If your toilet does not flush correctly on the first try, never try to flush it again. As a result, more water will be pushed into the toilet bowl. Instead of removing the toilet tank lid, close the toilet flapper. Closing the flapper (which looks like a round drain stopper attached to a chain) prevents more water…

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Have you ever gone to your garage to store something, only to discover stagnant, gooey sludge lying on top of the floor grate? As bad as the mess looks, what’s even worse is that if you don’t have it addressed quickly, it might end up harming any objects you have stored nearby. A garage floor drain is designed to drain any water that enters your garage with your vehicles, spills in your garage, or pours into your garage from the outside. A clogged garage drain can result in a slew of problems, including the loss of valuables and tools. Continue reading to learn about the most frequent causes of garage drain backups, as well as how to prevent them. Causes of Clogged Garage Floor Drains. Lack of Maintenance: If you don’t clean it out every few months, debris builds up and might cause a backlog, resulting in discoloration and mold…

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Plumbing tips

A few budget-friendly plumbing tips to help you save. Do Not Tighten Your Tap. One of the worst things you do to your plumbing fixtures all the time is to tighten your tap excessively. Some of us think it is best to tighten your tap to the extreme to ensure it is not dripping. We believe that we are saving water, but we are damaging our tap’s seal. Because of the additional pressure, it is subjected to, it will wear out faster every time it is tightened. To avoid this, turn the tap until it comes to a natural stop; do not go further than that. Watch What You Flush It’s simple to take it away by flushing it down the toilet. Then you’re shocked by the fact that your toilet is clogged. Certain items should be flushed, while others should be thrown in the trash. If you flush anything…

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Installing a Shower Tray

Pipes and Wrenches | Installing a Shower Tray Summary     – Step 1: Prepare the base     – Step 2: Install the drain system     – Step 3: Form the base     – Step 4: Finalize the installation of the shower tray Showers are becoming more and more popular thanks to the wide variety of shower trays becoming more extensive and comfortable. Installing a shower tray requires following a few strict rules to ensure water tightness and proper drainage. 1. Prepare the base If you don’t have an existing drain on the floor, you’ll need to provide support for a side drain.     – Position the shower tray in its future location.     – Draw the contours of the shower tray with a pencil.     – To form the future base, ideally use pieces of aerated concrete (or waterproof plaster tiles) that you will place at the four corners of…

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