How Much Does It Cost To Install a Solar Combo System in France?

The combined solar system is becoming more and more popular in homes. It provides hot water and heating thanks to solar energy. It represents a potentially exciting investment, allowing for significant savings on the bill. But what about its installation cost? Focus.

What Is a Combined Solar System?

When you decide to equip yourself with a solar panel, you can choose between different types of installation. Among these is the SSC or Combined Solar System configuration. This one allows you to cover all your hot water and heating needs. Working with inexhaustible energy, which is the sun, proves to be a practical solution to lower energy bills. Its solar collectors transform the sun’s rays into a heat transfer fluid, which allows obtaining energy. At night, the regulator takes over and triggers the secondary energy source. Although the purchase of a solar combisystem is an economical solution, the cost of installation can be expensive.

The Cost of Installing a Solar Combo system 

The cost of installing a solar system depends on the number of panels installed. On average, 1m2 of panel is worth 800 euros. If your household consists of 4 people, it is estimated that installing a combined solar system costs between 10 000 and 16 000 euros. But this figure can rise depending on the following factors:

-the insulation of your house

-the surface area of the solar system to be equipped

-the price of the material to be used

-the geographical location of your region;

-the method of installation (simply installed or integrated panels)

-the guarantees offered by the installer;

-the cost for the administrative steps;

-the cost of the grid connection.

To have a combined solar system installed, you should plan on a budget of about 6,000 euros.

Financial Aid for the Installation of a Solar System

The government has set up financial aid within the framework of sustainable development and green energies. These are intended to encourage individuals to embark on an eco-responsible project and reduce the work cost. The installation of a combined solar system is eligible for these schemes, including

-Tax Credit for Energy Transition or CITE:

This aid entitles you to a 30% tax credit. However, an RGE-certified professional must undertake the work, and your house must be more than two years old.

-Anah assistance:

The Anah grants a subsidy to individuals deciding to install a combined solar system. The amount depends on your income, the area where you live, and the extent of your work.

-The eco-loan at zero rate or eco-ptz:

Whether you want to install a solar system as part of a construction or a renovation, you can benefit from the eco-ptz. The latter grants you a subsidy of up to 30 000 euros. The amount is repayable in ten years and can be awarded only if you entrust the work to professionals.

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-VAT reduced to 5.5%:

To better cope with the cost of installing a solar system, you can apply for a reduced VAT rate of 5.5%. This aid is applicable to the labor and the purchase of materials. It requires compliance with the following criteria:

The housing has been built for at least two years and is a primary residence;

The company carrying out the work must have a certificate confirming compliance with the application conditions.

-Local aids:

Be aware that some regions and departments offer financial aid to premises wishing to install a combined solar system. You can get information from your local council.

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