How to Make Your Electrical Appliances Last Longer: Tips From Electrician Experts

How to Make Your Electrical Appliances Last Longer: Tips From Electrician Experts

Be honest with me, how many oodles of cash have you spent on newly bought electrical appliances?

It’s not only about older ones dying prematurely, but it seems like you even have trouble keeping new ones in good condition.

Worried for your electrical appliances? Try these simple tips!

Read the Instruction Manual

Upon the launch of a product or the release of a new update, you’ll find most product manufacturers or suppliers dealing a lot with customer support. Logically speaking, all the answers users look for are right inside the user manual. So, why are producers frequently encountering issues with customers?

Simple: Because we are not reading the frickin’ manual.

I’ve heard or rather read somewhere that men are far less likely to read an instruction manual than women because they have more confidence in the abilities to fix things by themselves, while women are more likely to cry for help.

I think, um, am more in the middle. I will consult an item’s instruction manual only when I run into a serious problem. I know how boring it is to go through a 100-page manual that’s basically 99 pages of warnings. I always blame it on the technical writers.

However, if for once you face the pain of pure boredom, you’ll find out that this exhausting and torturous workout will ensure you are making the right use of appliances and no need to say how a safe and efficient use can make appliances last longer.

Washing Machines

Washing Machines

Have you ever imagined how life would be without washing machines?

I did. And mine was like this: Going down some river, scrubbing pieces of clothing by hand and beating them against the rock. Ohh…that got me goosebumps.

Well, we do realize how important washing machines are today and if you want the water to swish and churn for a very long time, follow these tips:

  • The older fill hoses get, the more damaged they’ll be, eventually leading to floods thousands of dollars of water damage. This is why experts recommend switching out the fill holes every 5-6 years.
  • Always try to keep the water screens clean, getting rid of any build-ups.
  • Overloading the washing machine is often very tempting, but you don’t want to deal with the reverberations. An overloaded washing machine can not only trip a circuit breaker, but can also burn the motor, damage the spin cycles and the machine itself.
  • Do you know what can damage the lifespan of a washing machine’s drums? Loose items like coins, pens, gum wrappers that were not removed out of the pockets.



I live in Convenience Land and in this place I have minimal time for household chores and so a dryer is my best friend.

Having a dryer at home – no matter where you reside – comes with great benefits. But, wouldn’t it have been nice to enjoy that convenience of washing, drying and storing clean clothes into the wardrobe immediately for a very long time?

  • If you want your dryer to run smoothly for a very long time, clean the lint trap right after every single load.
  • To keep a dryer in good condition, you can also use a vacuum or brush out the space where the lint trap goes.
  • How often do you clean the lint hoses – the ones that are right behind the dryer? Do this on a regular basis and you won’t have to worry about drying clothes like in the olden days.



I don’t know why I loathe washing dishes. Maybe cause the water makes me feel completely dry and has a metallic smell. Or, maybe cause I cannot stand touching filthy and greasy pans with my angelic hands. Just kidding with that one!

There’s no denying how dishwashers have been a constant help for both households and restaurants.

And, if you want to make sure it keeps performing at its peak:

  • You need to clean out the filters regularly
  • Make sure remains don’t end up in the dishwashers
  • Also, clean the seal that keeps the water inside the dishwasher and prevent it from spewing out into the kitchen

A part two will come out shortly. So, until then, stay cool?

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