Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Imagine coming home after a long and tiring day at work, and you have your personal spa to relax your body and mind. It sounds like a dream. Whether you have a spacious or small bathroom, it does not matter; we can change it into a stress-free and refreshing haven.

In this article, we will show you how to use your five senses to turn your bathroom into a spa. Of course, you won’t have a personal spa-therapist, but switching a few elements here and there will provide enough of a spa-like atmosphere for you to relax.

white ceramic bathtub

Transform Your Home.


The first sense will be sight. The ocular part is essential, as it is the first thing you will ever perceive. I would suggest you paint your walls – go for earthy colors such as brown or green; colors that we usually find in the spa. If you have a small bathroom, go for lighter color such as beige or light gray, it will provide a more spacious feeling. You can add some natural stones too.

I highly recommend investing in dimming lights. They will help you to soften the lights whenever you feel like relaxing in your tub. Contact a professional electrician to do the job. Those tutorials on YouTube may make it seem easy, but I swear that wiring isn’t easy as it looks.

I won’t stress this enough, throw away or organize any clutter. Please get rid of anything you won’t use, as they may be taking up significant space. Organize everything in minimalist storage containers; I suggest you opt for glass jars, as they are a lot prettier.

Add some plants here and there. Plants are known to help us relax.


white pillar candles on brown wooden table

Scented Candles.


An at-home spa will be incomplete without the spa scent. You may want to invest in a diffuser or scented candles that will add to the ambiance. I prefer a diffuser as I won’t then have to worry about burning down the house.

Add some scented soap and lotion. I prefer a peppermint and lavender scent. I highly suggest you try out various scents to know which ones you prefer.


Who says that if you have a small bathroom, you cannot accommodate a tub? I suggest you contact your plumber so that you both can make a plan to help you fit one in. Seek out someone you trust as it can be delicate work, and you do not want to ruin your pipes.

Change your shower head to a massage showerhead (if you do not have one already). If you do not have the budget for a tub, the massaging showerhead will work great, or do both if you can.

I highly recommend adding a towel warmer to your home, if you have the means. You will enjoy a warm towel after your shower, which will prevent your mood from being thrown off.


Can you recall being in the spa with calm music playing in the back? It is very straightforward when it comes to sound. Create a meditation playlist. I would suggest you invest in a waterproof speaker so that it will be safe from water splashes.


Last but not least, taste. At this point, you are undoubtedly thinking about what kind of taste I will be talking about because eating soap is not recommended.

I suggest having a glass of wine or champagne, depending on you. Find some tub trays; they are available online or sometimes in your hardware stores. Place them on your tub and relax while sipping a glass of wine.

Changing your old bathroom into an at-home spa is very easy. With a few renovations, you will be able to achieve what you want. Don’t you think that your bathroom should be a place of relaxation? Tell us more in the comments below.

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