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The electrical installation of a building is sometimes tricky because it requires a great deal of responsibility and attention to avoid certain risks (installation failure, frequent power failure, short circuit, fire, etc.). Indeed, electrical works require the competence of a professional according to the subject of use and setting of adequate and good quality equipment. Before any intervention, a diagnosis is made from the control room and electrical protection to the power supply terminals and sockets.

Here are some equipment and professional tools to use during the electrical work of a building:

Phase and Neutral Circuit Breaker With Automatic Terminals

This type of circuit breaker is used to disconnect electrical circuits in phase and neutral. It has an input and output with automatic terminals and is easily installed in the electrical panel. From the connection with the automatic terminals, this device offers several advantages, such as:

– comfort and time saving, as the installer does not need to use any tools;

– quick visualization of faults;

– easy restoration of the electrical circuit: no need to change the fuse in case of failure;

– excellent contact with any support and no need for screws to be loosened over time;

Moreover, this equipment protects a building against light circuits and electrical surges. Thanks to its breaking capacity of up to 50 kA, it can meet certain professional or private installation constraints.

Modular Lightning Arresters for Housing

Whatever their origin, surge protectors are used to protect an electrical installation by limiting specific surges. To do so, they evacuate the energy towards the ground. Thanks to the replacement cassette with indicator, the replacement of the surge protector are easy. Moreover, this device is of the self-protected type, so the installation does not require circuit breaker protection. Besides, the functionality of this device is visible in the electrical panel, and the power supply is possible using the vertical comb.

On the other hand, surge protectors are suitable for low-risk electrical installations such as urban areas, low mountains, and plains. It is necessary to choose those with integrated protection.

The Single-pole Remote Switch

The remote switch is a small electrical device that switches on the same lighting in different places. It involves the installation of several push buttons in a recessed installation box. The remote switch generates a silent voice during its operation for more comfort.

Moreover, the single-pole remote switch is suitable for any installation (new or retrofit) and is compatible with electronic ballasts and compact fluorescent lamps.

This small device has automatic terminals to tune the wires without tools.

Mouldings, Trunking, Cables and Sheaths

These types of protection are used to quickly renovate the electrical installation work without destroying part of the walls. Indeed, they are adhesive devices that quickly adapt to any support and integrate into any interior.

These tools are helpful in an apparent electrical installation. They are classified into three categories: moldings, trunking, and electrical sheaths, and can accommodate all sizes of electrical wires or cables (small, medium, and larger).

The use of these devices ensures convenience, but to ensure the immobility of cables or wires, it is necessary to use fixing accessories such as junction boxes, clamps, etc.

There are still many electrical devices and tools that promote the safety and protection of a building, but to achieve a perfect result as professionals, it is necessary to work carefully and use the right equipment. And remember to contact a professional in diagnostics to determine the electrical failures.

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