Plumbing Renovation: The Guide

Plumbing is the set of mechanisms of several pipes and valves that facilitate the circulation and distribution of fluids (gas or liquid) inside and outside a building. In addition, the use of this mechanism ensures better hygiene and improves the sanitation of many homes.

On the other hand, plumbing sometimes suffers from certain malfunctions due to a multitude of reasons: age of materials, clogging, and dirt. Therefore, the plumbing system needs to be renovated to ensure its continued cleanliness. Read this article to follow the guide.

Faucet Renovation


Plumbing defines the entirety of any installation that facilitates the distribution of fluids to all rooms in a house. This includes faucets, pipes, and sanitary installations. Thus, to avoid any malfunction in this distribution, a periodic maintenance, cleaning, or a total renovation are necessary.

For a successful renovation of faucets, follow these steps in their entirety, depending on the layout of your building:

Step 1: Dismantle the old faucet

To remove the old faucet, first, disconnect its support and then cut its connection with the cold and hot water supplies. To do this, unscrew the nuts that connect the water supply and the hoses.

Step 2: Detach the control from the drain

To detach the bung control, gently remove the faucet fasteners from under the sink, basin, boiler, or bathtub. Then carefully remove the faucet.

Since there are many different faucet designs in vogue, always follow the installation instructions to ensure accurate installation.

Step 3: Install the new faucet

Installing the faucet is not a difficult operation. It is only the access issue that presents complexity. To do this, follow the installation instructions and use the following materials:

    • A mixing valve
    • Two solderless fittings
    • A wrench
    • Two joint hoses
    • A hacksaw.

Renovation of pipes


The piping of a building is a very important part because it ensures the proper functioning of household appliances and sanitary. In addition, sanitary piping exists in two categories: the drain pipes and the supply pipes.

Regarding the drain pipes, the problems sometimes come from perforations or wear (broken pipes, landslides, invasive roots, bad joints…).

Concerning the supply pipes, they can show defects because of the quality of the water through which they pass (city water rich in limestone, which increases the risk of clogging the pipes or pumping water rich in iron which causes additional corrosion).

So, to avoid leaks, check the installation of the pipes regularly or change them immediately in case of damage. Since the piping system must be in good condition at all times, you need a complete renovation of all components. For a successful renovation, the e-Pipe treatment is the effective solution. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Remove the pipes that are not in order
    • Clean and dry the pipes by blowing hot air and sand through them
    • Apply lining to the leaking areas with the polyethylene liner
    • Allow the coating to dry and reinstall the loose pipe.

To ensure the durability of your piping, apply preservatives to the interior by blowing air at high pressure. But to avoid corrosion problems, use plastic pipes with an aluminum coating on the inside.

Finally, to avoid damage, call in a seasoned professional. They have all the skills needed to renovate the pipes.

Plumbing is not for everybody, and there is no one is asking for help, especially when it comes to something that you have no expertise in. So, if you are having a plumbing issue, instead of wrecking it further by trying to fix it, it is better to call an experienced plumber who will fix this issue quicker and more effectively.

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