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When Indian Toilets Were Replaced With Western Toilets

The reason why every early morning we indulge in that activity is that it is a time when we can truly let go of all our inhibitions and problems. It gives our consciousness some free time, which explains why we are often lost in deep thoughts. If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m talking about pooping – a daily experience, often carried out in the complete comfort and solitude of our toilets. However, it is sad to say that our ancestors were not lucky enough to spend those private moments in the same comfort. The archaeological remnants of the Indus Valley civilization bear evidence of the use of toilets as more a kind of public get-together. A short walk to Lothal, there’s a sort of new attraction for tourists – ancient houses with a private squat type toilet. The History Thousands and thousands of years ago, primitive people used…

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