Top 4 Reasons To Call An Electrician

Indispensable to our daily lives, electricity is also essential for our interior comfort. Installing, troubleshooting, repairing, bringing up to standard and renovating electrical installations requires specialized know-how and mastery of many techniques. Doing this work when you don’t have the necessary skills can be dangerous. Thus, it is always advisable to call upon a professional electrician for the realization of the work.

1. Call an electrician to take advantage of electrical installations to standards


Building electricity regulations are very strict in France and Europe. For example, the NF C 15-100 standard concerns the entire installation: lighting, sockets, etc. It focuses particularly on the electrical panel, which ensures the distribution and security of parts of the dwelling. This must be fitted with seals in the event of an overvoltage, a circuit breaker for the automatic shutdown of electricity in the event of a problem, and a lightning arrester.

These measures are intended to minimize the risk of fire. The NF C15-100 standard also defines certain standards, such as the installation of 3 sockets per room, 5 sockets for the living room, and 4 sockets specialized in the kitchen for household appliances.

Whether installing, upgrading, or renovating an electrical system, you will be sure to benefit from reliable equipment that complies with the regulations in force. In addition, it is important to know that electrical standards are constantly evolving over the years. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to hire an electrician to carry out the work.

2. To ensure comfort and safety in the home

Electrical work can be dangerous, especially if it is not carried out by a professional. The slightest mishandling can lead to electrocution, electrification, fire, or even an explosion. Electrical installation is also the cause of many domestic accidents. Therefore, it is essential to seek a professional’s services to carry out all work relating to the electrical system. Trained, qualified, and experienced, the electrician will be able to guarantee you efficient, long-lasting, and safe installations.

In addition, the electrician can offer you effective solutions, such as installing a home automation system to optimize your interior comfort, simplify your daily life, and strengthen your security. For information, home automation allows you to automate certain time-consuming daily tasks and save considerably energy. The professional electrician can assist you in setting up a complete pack of home automation equipment and supplying and installing a smart thermostat or a videophone.

3. For a quick intervention


Power outages are not uncommon; above all, they do not prevent them. However, it is not easy to identify the origin of the malfunction, assess the extent of the damage, and repair the defective elements correctly. A little clumsiness could make the situation worse or put you in danger.

To avoid problems and save time, it is best to hire a professional electrician for emergency repairs. This is the only one able to quickly and safely detect the origin of the failure. Once done, it will repair or replace the faulty items effectively. He will also carry out various fine-tuning tests to ensure the reliability of the installations.

4. For financial and tax reasons

Be aware that you may be entitled to certain government aid for carrying out electrical work. Many financial and tax indicators encouraging electrical and energy renovation work are offered by the State. There is, for example, the reduced VAT rate of 5.5%. As its name suggests, this device allows you to benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5.5% instead of 20% for carrying out energy renovation work.

There is also the zero-rate eco-loan. This saves you from paying interest on money borrowed from banks to rebuild your electricity network. Note that this aid is subject to certain conditions. The equipment and work must, for example, meet the various criteria imposed by the State and be able to save you considerable energy.

The electrician is the right professional to advise you and help you benefit from the device that best suits your situation and the work you plan to carry out. Guarantee your safety and gain in interior comfort by calling on a professional to carry out the electrical work. You will benefit from reliable and up-to-date installations.

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