When Will I Need To Have A Camera Inspection Of My Pipes In France?

Leaking pipes in France caused 1 in 5 liters of drinking water to be lost in 2014. In order to reduce the problems of this type, you can proceed to a pipe inspection. Through this article, discover all there is to know about a pipe inspection with a camera.

What is a sewer camera inspection?


A video sewer camera inspection allows you to check all the pipes in order to detect possible problems. It allows you to see inside the pipes. The plumber uses an endoscopic camera connected to a flexible snake-like cable and runs it through the sewers and the various pipes. No matter the pipes’ diameter, he can always get through them.

This is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis of the condition of your drain. Through this operation, he mentions the details and defects in a television inspection report. This document allows you to have a precise idea of the state of your drain.

What is the point of inspecting the pipe with a camera?

No one inspects a sewer system for the sake of it. The purpose of a TV inspection is to check the condition of a new network recently installed by a construction company. This operation also makes it possible to know if an outdated but still used sewer network is functional or not. It then allows to validation the construction of the network.

Obstructions and broken pipes will not go unnoticed during this camera inspection. Throughout the inspection, the drain unblocking specialist checks for broken pipes, cracks, various connections, or crushing. He takes this opportunity to check for irregularities, such as roots or objects blocking your pipe.

When to do a camera inspection?

There are several situations in which a camera inspection of a pipe is necessary. Future homeowners want to check the quality of the pipes before finalizing their purchase. This allows them to ensure that the risk of infiltration is minimal.

In fact, it’s time for a pipe inspection when certain signs appear, such as clogged toilets, a slow shower flow, wastewater coming up in your sink, etc. All of these problems indicate a problem with your drains.

Moreover, it is important to detect a water leak or a clog beforehand in order to act in time. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous. A small leak can cause infiltrations in the pipes. If no maintenance is carried out, further deterioration and water damage can occur. At this point, the repair will be very expensive, and you will have to replace your entire piping system.

Some homeowners also opt for a camera inspection after a property change or a system update.

How does a camera diagnosis of a sewer system work?


After calling the Internet pipe inspection service, he will come to your home at the time and place of the appointment for a visit. This allows him to determine the most efficient way to intervene while guaranteeing the safety and respect of the neighborhood. He will then prepare the installation of the pipe camera in the pipe.

Once the camera is inserted in the drain, the surveillance begins. The plumber verifies each image that appears on the screen. When anomalies or problems are found, this technician immediately suggests solutions. The most common recommendation on how to solve the problem is unclogging, but a professional plumber has other solutions to restore your pipes to good condition. The entire video inspection is recorded to compile the report. He provides you with photos or video footage depending on the problem.

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