What Are The Different Types Of Gutters?

Whether you are building or renovating, the installation of a gutter should not be neglected. Indeed, it ensures the evacuation of rainwater so that it cannot penetrate under your roof. The types of gutters vary according to their shapes and use, so choose the one that suits you best.

The flat roof gutter


Since rainwater is likely to stagnate on a flat roof, two types of gutters are specially designed for it.

The gutter

This is a gutter integrated into the masonry. It must be installed during construction. Only the exterior downspout at the bottom of the roof edge is visible. Ensure that its color and appearance do not contrast too much with your façade. In addition, a liquid waterproofing system made of polyurethane resin must be installed. In principle, the cost of installing the gutter is included in the cost of construction. As for the downspout, count about 20 $/ml for copper and about 10 $/ml for colored aluminum.

The added gutter

The gutter is to be installed on the edge of the roof, both in construction and renovation. In general, it is sold for 10$/ml. In case water persists on your roof, call a specialist in gutter renovation.

The rampant gutter

The rampant gutter is usually installed on a cornice. It has hooks that are attached above the rafters or on a strip of roof lining. Before you consider installing this type of gutter, make sure your pitched roof has a significant slope. This allows the front hem to be lower than the back of the gutter. There are three types of creeping gutters available to you.

The Nantaise gutter

This type of gutter is very aesthetic and can be adapted to any style of the house. In general, it has a vertical upstand with an acute angle of 70°. If the angle is 90°, it is called a Laval gutter. Therefore, its water discharge rate is not efficient enough. The price of a Nantes gutter depends on its material. In any case, you should plan at least 50 $.

The Le Havre gutter


The Le Havre gutter is characterized by its rounded upward angle. Thus, the flow of rainwater is optimized. It costs about 55 $ to install it.

The hanging gutter

In a classic model, the hanging or half-round gutter is generally placed at the end of the rafters. You can also use the eaves or the fascia board to attach it. This gutter forms an unclosed circle when viewed from the side. In addition, all roofing materials can accommodate it. The hanging gutter comes in two shapes.

The square gutter

To choose a square gutter, refer to its size. To do this, you need to calculate the surface area of the roof. Also, choose the appropriate accessories, such as nipples, elbows, sleeves, etc. It is possible to add a square downspout as an option. Its price can vary from 6 to 20 $ per 4 meters depending on the type of material chosen.

The Lyon gutter

The quality of a Lyonnaise gutter lies in its rigidity, thanks to the size of the hem that constitutes it. It is available in 25 cm and 33 cm sizes. Thus, the accessories to choose from will depend on this dimension. However, it is more expensive because a section of 2 meters can cost up to 20 $.

The English gutter


The English gutter is distinguished by its rather large diameter. Moreover, its thickness and price vary from one material to another. It is necessary to foresee 6 $ for an English gutter in PVC against 20 $ for one in aluminum. Do not hesitate to invest in the latter for more durability by entrusting the installation to a specialist in the aluminum gutter.

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