Everything you need to know about Bidets

With the rising of technology, toilet paper is starting to become a thing of the past. This is not only good for the environment, but it also means that we are using more ecological ways to wash our behind after talking a dump. Bidets are the washing system of the future, and at this point, we have already lost our battle against the machine gods, and we should just accept that and enjoy the use of technology as long as we can because the world where the terminator exist is not far. No, but jokes aside, bidets are a sign of progression and an excellent way to wash up after you’ve done your business. So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the waters of bidets.

What is a bidet?


It is a device that sprays water to clean yourself after you’ve used the restroom. Bidets are receptacles or bowls that are designed to be sat on for the purpose of washing oneself, especially one’s genitals, anus, buttocks and perineum. It was designed to promote personal hygiene and is mainly used after defecating. Nowadays, bidets are also used by queer men and straight people, but mostly by the former before and after sexual intercourse. In many European countries today, the law requires that every bathroom with a toilet bowl must have a bidet because it is very hygienic and less polluting than toilet paper. Bidets have existed for a long time but are only gaining traction today and have been used since the seventeenth century in France. Bidets have a lot of health benefits that will discuss next.

Health benefits of Bidets

According to the New York Times, bidets can help alleviate pain usually caused by using toilet paper. If you use rough toilet paper too often, this may have adverse effects on your skin, and it can irritate your skin over time, but a bidet can help fix this, and by using water to clean yourself, we get rid of the rough toilet paper altogether. A bathroom contains a lot of bacteria because we go to defecate there, and to avoid the spread of these bacteria, we need to clean ourselves thoroughly and adequately. Bidets can offer an extra helping hand in preventing the spread of said bacteria, and it tends you, and your hands stay clean without having to touch your bum, and this is a win-win situation if you ask me.


It has some health benefits and prevents the further spread of bacteria, and it also makes your toilet experience more enjoyable. Your home is where you feel the most relaxed and comfortable, and a bidet helps extend this idea of comfort. I’ve been using bidets for a while now, and I don’t think I can ever revert back to using only toilet paper to wipe myself. A bidet makes you feel clean and refreshed every time you use it and is also very helpful for people who have mobility issues, and it helps you clean yourself without any help or overexertion.

Are there any cons about using a bidet?


Well, with everything, there is always a dark side to them, but trust me when I say the good overrides the bad here and using a bidet properly will make your life more enjoyable, but here are the things you should be aware of. Though we have to give it to bidet for being a great alternative to toilet paper, however, this doesn’t mean there are any risks or drawbacks to using it. It is usually not advised to people who have a weakened immune system and if you want to use it, then consult your health professional first. If you have female genitalia, it might increase bacterial vaginitis. Warm water can also aggravate the natural balance of flora in your vagina. If you have male genitalia, you can have an itchy sensation around your anus if you use a bidet before having bowel movements.

Are bidets environmentally friendly?


Well, bidet reduces the use of toilet paper and thus reduces the cutting down of trees, which is detrimental to Mother Earth’s lungs. By cutting back on one’s use of toilet paper and using a bidet, you are also saving paper and cutting down toilet paper that is flushed down the drain. This also helps you later down the line to prevent your toilet from being clogged from the overuse of toilet paper.

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