Signs Your Water Pressure Is Too High

Signs Your Water Pressure Is Too High

Low water pressure can be exhausting whenever you take a shower, but did you know that your water pressure can be TOO high? People tend to associate high water pressure with an advantage. Still, high water pressure can lead to a shorter life cycle of your appliances and it can also damage your plumbing, leading to leaks and pipe bursts, which can cost you a lot. In this article, we will talk about the various symptoms of high water pressure and how to fix the issues…

Symptoms Of High Water Pressure

Water Hammering

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Valve To Help You Manage Your Water Pressure.

We’ve all heard the ominous pounding coming from the pipes. When a fast, heavy water flow comes to a standstill, it’s known as a “water hammer.” A fixture can halt the flow of water.

As a result, a shock wave is sent through your plumbing system. Intense vibrations cause the well-known shuddering sounds in your pipes.

Leaking Fixtures and Burst Hoses

Your home’s plumbing isn’t designed to sustain high water pressure. Burst pipes and hoses occur when a high water flow pushes through the fittings. This might even result in a pinhole leak, which will only emerge after the damage to your walls or ceiling has been done.

Higher Bills

You may want to track your water bills. When you notice that the bills are abruptly shooting up out of the blue, it may be because you have high blood pressure.

Running Toilet.

High water pressure may lead to a defective valve; thus, the water will continually run from the tank to the bowl.

How To Diagnose And Fix High Water Pressure? 

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Water Pressure Regulator

If you want to know if you are a victim of high water pressure, look out for the symptoms listed above. Additional symptoms will be frequent cold showers if you live down a hill or near a fire hydrant.

Water Pressure Regulator

Installing a water pressure regulator on your main water line is not a terrible investment, even if your water pressure only infrequently exceeds 80 psi. Pressure regulators restrict the flow of water into your house while maintaining a safe psi. This will save you money by not paying for water that you don’t use and protect your pipes and faucets from unnecessary wear and tear.

Water Pressure Gauge

A water pressure gauge is a device that measures the pressure of water within a pipe system. You can pick one up for under $10 at your local hardware shop and use it to check the psi of your home’s water pressure.

To measure the water pressure, attach the gauge to the faucet’s hose and twist the hose separately before inserting the gauge into the faucet. Turn the faucet all the way and read the pressure on the gauge’s dial.

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If You Cannot Fix It Yourself – Call A Professional Plumber

Get Help

If you have tried the methods mentioned above and nothing has changed, contact a professional plumber who may diagnose your water pressure level and from where the problem may come. But do not wait to fix the problem…

The perfect water pressure for residential property is around 50 to 70 psi. You should be aware that a tap running for 10 minutes at 50 psi is equal to 30 water gallons, but 60 psi is equal to 36 water gallons, and it continues on accumulating. Fixing your water pressure will be not only a relief for your bank account but also an environmentally friendly resolution.

Let us know in the comments if you have had this problem before or think you are a victim of high water pressure at this moment…

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