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Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be exhausting whenever you take a shower, but did you know that your water pressure can be TOO high? People tend to associate high water pressure with an advantage. Still, high water pressure can lead to a shorter life cycle of your appliances and it can also damage your plumbing, leading to leaks and pipe bursts, which can cost you a lot. In this article, we will talk about the various symptoms of high water pressure and how to fix the issues… Symptoms Of High Water Pressure Water Hammering We’ve all heard the ominous pounding coming from the pipes. When a fast, heavy water flow comes to a standstill, it’s known as a “water hammer.” A fixture can halt the flow of water. As a result, a shock wave is sent through your plumbing system. Intense vibrations cause the well-known shuddering sounds in your pipes. Leaking…

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water heater

What’s worse than starting your day with a clod shower because your electric water heater is malfunctioning and gave up on you? This may be my 13th reason why on a day where my mood is already down. Fear not because we are here and we’ll guide you to locate the issue and even fix it yourself. Most people think the worst when their electric water heater stops working, but it is usually just a minor issue that can be easily resolved. Check your warranty Before doing anything, locate your warranty and check if your heater is still assured and the contract’s conditions. This tends to be limited for both residential and commercial electric water heaters. The warranty will give you details about the tank like its serial number, model, and what parts can be changed for free or that you might get a discount on. Write down the details…

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What Are the Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards in a Home?

Our human ancestors relied heavily on fire for the luxuries of light, heat, and cooking. Today, at the flick of a switch or a push of a button, we have the luxury of obtaining instant power. You’d agree with me that electricity is one of the best blessings that science has given to mankind. From the time we wake up in the morning till the moment we hit the pillow at night, electricity has revolutionized our daily routines and now we cannot imagine our lives without it. When it comes to modern homes, everything runs on electricity. The alarm that you turn off each morning runs on electricity. Electricity is what keeps the lights in your bedroom on and provides you with that hot shower you take right before breakfast. It keeps the food in the fridge cold and fresh and the same grill that cooks your eggs and bacon…

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