What Does A Handyman Do?

With the development of technology, many home appliances are manufactured and released on the market every day. When these appliances break down, a household appliance repairman is called in. In this article, we will look at this profession. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about handymen.

What does a household appliance repairman do?


The appliance repairman is a specialist in household appliances. He deals with the repair of all appliances or household equipment, including washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, toasters, and others.

He works for individuals, but he also intervenes in many companies and communities, such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. In some companies or communities, the appliance repairman, in addition to the appliance repair, also takes care of the maintenance and regular upkeep of the appliances.

When he is asked for a repair, the appliance repairman goes to the customer’s place with his working equipment. He first proceeds to diagnose the appliance in order to detect the breakdown. He then proceeds to repair or change the faulty part. With the help of these work tools, he can reconfigure and adjust the device’s program.

Once the work is completed, he presents the invoice to the customer and collects his money. If the problem cannot be fixed on-site, the appliance repairman takes the appliance to his workshop to spend more time on it.

Qualities required for the job of a household appliance repairman.

To exercise the trade of repairer in household appliances, apart from competence, it is necessary to have certain very essential qualities to know:

    • The ability: it is a very important quality in the exercise of this trade. The repairman in household appliances must be very skillful in order to repair and proceed to the change of the defective parts with precision.
    • Reactivity: the repairer in household appliances must be reactive and able to detect a problem very quickly, a breakdown, and propose adequate repair solutions. The appliance repairman is certainly a versatile handyman, but he does not take care of sanitary installation.
    • Sociability: the household appliance repairman often works at the customer’s home. For that, he must be sociable and respectful. He must be responsible and know how to talk to the customer.

The appliance repairer must also know how to draw up estimates and invoices.

Training and skills required for the job of an appliance repairman


The appliance repairman must have varied practical and technical knowledge. He must have a very good command of household appliances and their mode of operation.

Indeed, the appliance repairman is a real all-rounder; he must have technical knowledge in mechanics, electronics, electricity, and even in heating systems.

There are many training courses that allow you to acquire the necessary skills to become a household appliance repairman. Thus, with the following diplomas, one can exercise this profession. These are:

    • CTM IDAVE (Technical certificate of the trades of installers, Troubleshooter Audio-Video, and Appliances). It is a CAP-level training that is prepared over three years.
    • Bac pro in Digital Electronic Systems (SEN)

The professional title, as well as the certificate of professional skills of maintenance technician in household appliances also allows one to exercise this profession. The appliance repairman who has his diploma has no difficulty in finding employment, especially if he has good professional experience. The appliance repairman can evolve in his profession to specialize later in technical expertise.

He can also become a workshop manager or a maintenance department manager. Like any other, the appliance repairman must install a water softener to drink good water.

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