Why Are Gutters Important For Your Home?

Owning a house is all fun and games until you know how much it takes to maintain it. One pivotal part of your home that you need to be conscious of is the gutters. These are essential for any home as they help keep water away from your home’s foundation and protect your house’s structure. By keeping an eye on your gutters and cleaning them regularly, you can extend the durability of not only your roof but also avoid any water damage to your home. Remember, a clean gutter is a well-functioning gutter so take care of this mostly forgotten hero. So, without any further ado, let’s learn why gutters are essential for the health of your home.

The different components that makeup a gutter system


Like with most of your home, a gutter system consists of different parts, and each of them plays a crucial role in water collection and diversion. As a homeowner, you must know these different components because they will help you appreciate your gutter system and help you out if there is an issue with it. These parts are:

    • Downspout- This part usually starts at the gutter section and usually ends at the base of your home. A downspout is usually rectangular or cylindrical in shape and is an enclosed pipe where the water drains.
    • Downspout extension- These, as their name suggests, are not a main exponent of the gutters, but they are an extremely helpful extension to have. They are usually attached to the end of the downspout, and they control the flow of water that it empties into a specific area, and these shouldn’t be near your foundation.
    • Gutter Guards- They are typically made of stainless steel and screen out the debris that would otherwise be logged or clogged in your gutters. Detritus like twigs, leaves, and nests accumulate in your gutters over time, and they make it harder for rainwater to pass through freely.
    • Gutter Section- This is often referred to as the horizontal gutter material that is attached to your home and is made of various materials like aluminum, vinyl, or even copper.
    • Hangers- They are the support system to the gutters and can be either regular hangers, heavy-duty hangers, K style hangers, or even others. The hangers you choose depend on the aesthetics you are searching for and your gutter system.

Beautifies your home’s exterior


You can install new gutters without giving it a second thought, and nowadays, you can choose from a variety of gutters with different colors and which match the aesthetics of your home. You can pick the gutters to either match or camouflage with your home, and for us, the best purpose of a gutter is to beautify your place. There is also a variety of materials from which gutters are made of. Vinyl gutters come in various colors and are more affordable compared to traditional gutters. If you want to exude opulence and class, then opt for copper gutters.

Prevention of soil erosion and/or landscaping


Gutters act as a pathway for rainwater to flow away from your roof, into the downspout, and down the downspout extension. If water isn’t adequately funneled or disposed of, then it can scatter everywhere and cause an unnecessary mess. This is one of the main reasons why you should have your gutters professionally installed. An excellent way to know that erosion is happening is when you see gravel or soil flowing into your garden bed or your lawn. Planning for a proper way and having a drainage plan is something that you ought to have as a homeowner, and having a gutter system will relieve you of this struggle.

Keeps your basement dry


This is not necessarily good in all cases, but when it comes to your home’s basement, it is an important thing that you need. The first few times water soaks into the ground near your home’s foundation, nothing wrong happens, but over time and because of wear and tear, it makes its way into the basement because of the pressure that it exerts on the ground. Wanting and keeping your basement flood-free requires a timely and professionally installed gutter. Water damage can rake up because they cause molding and can destroy everything you have in your basement, and this can at times cost you thousands of dollars.

Final thoughts

Get your mind out of the gutter and put your hands in it instead. Once you get into it, gutter cleaning is not that bad or complicated; it just demands some time and patience. Remember to regularly check and clean your gutters to keep them in good shape. If you live in Florida and are looking for a team of professionals to fix or install your gutters, then you ought to contact ABC Seamless Rain Gutters. With over 30 years of experience in the field, they are the ones to call in case of emergency. So, what are you waiting for? Give them a call today and give you gutters the makeover it deserves.

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